Style Watch: Trending Colors for Spring and Summer 2017

Style Watch: Trending Colors for Spring and Summer 2017

With the arrival and spring, and summer right around the corner, get a head start on the season's new color trends, along with what styles of clothing you should be adding to your wardrobe.

Each season, iconic magazines such as, Vogue, Allure, and Elle release the projected clothing trends and color palettes that will be popular during the upcoming season. As spring arrives and with summer right around the corner, stores have placed their winter clothing lines on sale, as anticipation for each company's spring collection makes their debut. The Pantone Color Report, which provides a detailed overview of each seasons projected colors, has released the most popular colors for Spring/Summer 2017. Stemming from New York Fashion Week in the Fall of 2016, Spring/Summer 2017 colors are expected to be a combination of colors that are vibrant and daring, relaxing and tranquil, and natural and outdoorsy. Listed below are the ten most popular trending colors for the Spring/Summer 2017 season. Do you see yourself being obsessed with any of the following colors because I know I sure do?!

1. Niagara

Seen as a calm and serene color, "niagara" is the classic "go-to denim color." As a big lover of shades of blue, this color is going to be seen a lot on dresses, either in the form of denim or chambray or shown with fun, summery blue pattern. The color is also going to be popular on many shirts, particularly off the shoulder ones, that would be perfectly paired with white denim jeans and nude wedges.

2. Primrose Yellow

"Primrose yellow" immediately gives off friendly and inviting vibes. It also embodies warmth and leads people to ultimately feel as though they are in a sunny state of mind. As someone who generally tries to stay away from yellow, this is one color I am going to have to add to my closet this spring and summer. The color would be perfect on an eyelet shirt or dress, paired with nude wedges or sandals. Many oversized earrings are also trending this season with fun details like tassels and beading on them that are featured in this yellow shade along with hot coral, bright pink, and teal that finish off a very Caribbean vibe.

3. Lapis Blue

Similar to a royal blue, "lapis blue" conveys inner confidence and radiance. The color is going to be absolutely stunning on rompers or dresses that have bright patterns or embroidery included on them as well. For example, a royal blue dress with bright pink watermelon designs, or something more simple, such as a ruffle neckline romper or white off the shoulder blouse with royal blue embroidery.

4. Flame

As the classic red-orange color, or what I like to refer to as "hot coral," flame portrays the personality of a fun-loving gal. The color is fiery and flamboyant and would be perfect for those sunny and hot summer days. The color looks well with yellow, bright pink, and teal and has been featured on the trending over-sized tassel and beaded earrings, as well as sandals that follow the same color scheme.

5. Island Paradise

"Island paradise" will instantly put you in an island state of mind. As a refreshing aqua color, "island paradise" is relaxing and leads us to want to capture a great escape to a Caribbean Island. Not only is the color perfect for wearing with white jeans or shorts and nude wedges, but it also the perfect accessory to add to your home to give any space a beachy feel.

6. Pale Dogwood

A true classy and feminine color, "pale dogwood" is the blush shade that has been appearing everywhere in stores this spring. The color is trending on peplum shirts or shirts with flowy bell sleeves that would be great paired with dark blue or white denim and nude wedges or flats. This blushy pink is also going to be seen on many dresses for the Eastern holiday.

7. Greenery

As a yellow-green shade, "greenery" is a refreshing color that embodies nature. It stimulates one's need to explore and experience adventure. It is a pale color and is also going to be trending for the Easter holiday. The shade also matches well with pale yellow and pale pink.

8. Pink Yarrow

Hot pink has returned for the spring/summer season! "Pink yarrow" is unable to be ignored and conveys tropical and festive vibes. As a dress, a v neck or halter style bordered with small ruffles will give this color and more feminine feel. As a shirt, the color would great with any denim shade. Long tassel or beaded earrings in yellow, bright pink, hot color, or teal would also compliment this color very well.

9. Kale

Similar to olive, "kale," also stirs up ones desires to be with nature and seek adventure. The color pairs well with navy and would be very pretty and feminine on a cold shoulder blouse paired with dark blue denim and nude wedges.

10. Hazelnut

I am a big fan of neutral colors, and I must say that this color is beautiful! Its the perfect neutral shade, but also has a hint of blush in it. The shade reminds us of natural earthiness. "Hazelnut" is a transitional color that carries into each season. The color would be pretty on any blouse or dress and matches well with other colors as well.

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