Here I am in Pamplona, trying to enjoy the beautiful view from my hotel balcony, but these stupid mountains are getting in the way! I am very fortunate to be on the top floor of my building during this two week stay at the Mendebaldea Suites before I leave for A Coruña for the next year. The view is almost perfect. There are rows of buildings as far as the eye can see.

Just truly beautiful buildings, but of in the distance, the presence of some rather obtrusive mountains just ruin the landscape. I mean, I hope the Spanish government does something about it quickly, because nothing looks worse than watching the sun set upon the peaks of endless mountains on the horizon. Certainly no one would want to stay in this room if they knew that the clouds surrounding the mountain tops glowed pink at nighttime with just a hideous sparkle that detracts from the natural beauty of several local apartment buildings.

So once again, Spain, I implore you, get your priorities straight.