So to get this started. It is test week and homegirl stresses out A LOT. I had three test and two quizzes due this week. My test were Monday at 4:45, Tuesday at 12:30, and Thursday at 11. My quizzes were due Wednesday by 8 and Friday by 5. And this was not even the worst part of my week.

Sunday and all day Monday I was studying for my business cal test. I was extremely stressed out because this class is not very hard (to me at least), so i was worried I'd get to the test and make stupid mistakes because I knew the material so well. Turns out I was stress about nothing and make a 95 on the test. I was still kind of upset because the one I missed was me just being stupid and reading the graph wrong.

My next test was Tuesday at 12:30. This class was microeconomics and I was very unprepared for this test. I had studied all Monday night and Tuesday morning. I walk into my class, which is a huge auditorium, and sit in the same general area like every Tuesday and Thursday. Turns out I accidentally sit in a guys seat but he moves and of course, I felt like a terrible person because i just stole this kids seat. Anyways, we get probably ten minutes into the test and my friend Darby grabs my arm. So I looked at her, and the dude that I stole his seat is having a seizure. I stood up really fast and then the teacher left the room to go call the police.

Well, this poor boy continued to seize for maybe a minute and a half. There were other students in the class that knew CPR and what to do with him. Some guy stuck his fingers in the boy's mouth and he almost bit his fingers off. Then the boy bit his tongue and started bleeding. It was probably the scariest thing I have ever witnessed. Long story short, the guy is okay and my test got pushed back. The rest of the week was pretty much a blur because I was still in shock from the guy having a seizure.

This shows that studying can really people out and cause a lot of anxiety. It would be so much better if the professors did not schedule all these tests the same week. But try your best not to get stressed and start worrying because it is not worth it. Get sleep and make sure you eat!!