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12 Foolproof Study Strategies To Eliminate Stress That Final Exams Never Fail To Deliver

The end of the semester is enough to make you crazy.

12 Foolproof Study Strategies To Eliminate Stress That Final Exams Never Fail To Deliver

Between final exams, projects, and trying to keep yourself sane all at once, the end of the semester can be a really hard time. With winter break on your mind, getting everything done in your classes seems nearly impossible. But, it doesn't have to be. Get a head start on your studying by trying these 12 fool-proof strategies.

1. Work ahead whenever possible.

By doing a little extra work here and there, it eliminates your workload and will be noticeable over time.

2. Keep track of your schedule on a calendar.

WRITE IT DOWN! The last thing you want to happen during this stressful time is show up to your final exam at the wrong time. Write down the time and place of all your exams as soon as you find out.

3. Find a study strategy that works for you. 

By this point in your education, you probably have a strategy that works best for you. Well, now is the time to use it. Wasting your time on a strategy that won't help you is just that- a waste of your precious time.

4. Study with friends.

If this works for you, great! Some people find it better to study alone, but using a friend to quiz you can be beneficial in finding out if you truly know the material.

5. Actually read your textbooks.

Yes, this means you might have to dust them off and actually open them up. There has been so many times where I didn't know the answer on an exam simply because I didn't do the readings. Take notes as you go and watch your grades improve.

6. Take breaks when you need them.

When you're studying like crazy, it's easy to get distracted. Allow yourself breaks when you feel yourself getting tired or disengaged. The work you produce isn't going to be your best if your mind isn't all in.

7. Drink up allll the caffeine.

Something about studying with a coffee in hand makes it a little more bearable. Head to a coffee shop or bring your own to the library as a little study treat to keep you going.

8. If you're going to use flashcards, make them meaningful.

Simply putting the term and its definition is not a strong measure of whether or not you understand the content. Ask yourself deeper questions and try to prepare an answer. This prepares you for short answer questions when you have to defend your point.

9. Don't be afraid to meet with your professors.

They have office hours for a reason. If you have a busy schedule, try emailing them any questions you have before going into the final exam.

10. Each night, review the content you learned in class that day.

This will take you a matter of ten minutes or so, but it's so beneficial. Units are long and material can be forgotten unless it's reviewed.

11. Do not cram.

It may seem tempting when you have such a busy schedule and not a lot of time, but cramming will not be as effective as spacing out your workload and studying incrementally.

12. Overall, relax! You've got this.

Get ready to rock the end of the semester and crush your exams, you've got this.

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