8 Study Breaks That Don't Involve Checking Instagram

8 Study Breaks That Don't Involve Checking Instagram

Been studying for finals for 7 hours straight and need a little break, here are some easy and quick ideas!


As finals roll around, we can spend countless hours in the library, and getting little to no sleep. When we're not studying, were probably checking Instagram, scrolling through our Facebook feed, texting, or snapping? Social media DOES cause excess stress so during finals week its best to stay away from the mobile universe. Here is a list of healthy ways to give yourself an hour away from the library.

1. Grab a snack with friends 

Food is the cure for everything, and it's only better if you eat friends. Go to a deli or somewhere quick but a place where you can sit down and relax. Cooking is also a great way to distract yourself and is reduced stress. Try to avoid talking about finals while your out. Focus on what is coming... Christmas!

2. Catch up on some cleaning 

We dread cleaning when we want to go out, but when we're doing it to avoid studying, it's not all that bad. Cleaning with loud music, or a Christmas movie on in the background is an excellent way to get organized and will, believe it or not, make you more organized once you get back to the library.

3. Watch one episode of your favorite TV Show 

Now, this is a hard one for my fellow "bingers," but if you can watch one episode of your favorite show, that will get you thinking about the plot and a break away from all the textbooks and equations. Watch a show where the episodes do not connect and are not in any order. My personal favorite is Law and Order, 10/10 recommend.

4. Get some type of exercise 

Going to the gym can sometimes feel impossible during finals week, but why do you have to go to the gym? There are so many ways you can get in a quick exercise, like going on a walk or doing the basics (push-ups, squats, sit-ups) in your apartment. Blast some music, and your brain will be right as new in about an hour.

5. Meditate 

Just like getting exercise, meditating may feel like a waste of time when you are pushed for time, but just meditating for 10 minutes a day can get your stress levels down immensely. And during this week is when they may be highest. So I strongly encourage everyone to meditate at least once a day whether it be for your study break or right before bed. Clear your mind for a little.

6. ACTUALLY do your teacher evaluations 

Teacher evaluations are something we all get time to do during class, but no one does them because we're too focused on our upcoming tests. Although it's not the most ideal "study break," it is something productive and useful for the forthcoming years and following students.

This is your chance to rip on the teacher that gave you 5 hours of homework a night and tests that had nothing to do with the following quizzes. Or of course, on the flip side, you can hype up the teacher who should've given you a C but gave you an A.

7. Start thinking about Christmas gifts 

Finals may feel like they take away from our Christmas season... But don't let that happen. Although they may be a distraction, don't let them be a grinch and ruin your holidays. Its okay to start thinking about Christmas gifts and doing a little Amazon shopping.

This would be a very productive break. And if your parents are anything like mine, I always am getting asked to send over my Christmas list, so this gives me the perfect time to do it.

8. Poor a big glass of WINE

Everyone is deserving of a glass of wine at the end of the day. This will not only help you sleep for the next day, but it gives you a chance to sit, relax and not have to worry about the following day.

And when finals week comes to an end, REWARD YOURSELF.

You deserve it.

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