Every single college student should have this app and I am telling you because it is a total lifesaver. It's called the iStudiez Pro App and it basically is an agenda and grade saver, all in one.

As college students, we are constantly bombarded with a million things to do and not enough time to do them. When you're sitting in class thinking "I totally forgot about that...," this app will never let you forget, as it literally reminds you when class even is, when a test is, and what is due.

For me, personally, I utilized this app on a daily basis as it was so easy since it is right in my phone and kept me on track throughout the week of what assignments needed finishing right away, compared to the other ones that I could start at a later date over the weekend.

Breaking it down, you input your schedule for over the semester; that way it knows when your classes are. And I'm sure there are the college students who have their highlighters and post-its all over their agenda with color coordinated assignments. Then there are the rest of us, like me, who write it in their agenda, but don't keep a too watchful eye on it and half the time is just following along with the syllabus.

iStudiez Pro App helps in this case because it lets you mark something as "high priority," "normal," and "low priority." So if you had a major project you could mark it as high, whereas maybe there were a couple of discussion questions which you can mark as low. This helps in the organization.

On top of it, once you receive a grade back, you can put it in where you marked the assignment as completed and it helps keep track of all of your grades for the semester so when it comes down to knowing your final grade, you at least have an idea of what you'll be receiving. You can put it all your exam dates with the location/time in as well, which, during midterms and finals, was a complete lifesaver.

This is an app to be taken advantage of since it is so helpful. You're also able to put in calendar dates, like if you don't have school for a week for spring break or if you don't have school for the month of January, so it helps to know when you're on vacation or if your teacher canceled class one day for some reason.

Another awesome feature this app has is that it lets you put in all the courses, professors, and contact information that you may need for them and you can e-mail right off the app to them. This comes in handy when TAs, who may not have been included on the syllabus, give their information.

If you want to better your organization and have something that you can put everything school-related to in, I definitely recommend using the iStudiez Pro App. This was my first semester at Stony Brook and I basically had a time frame of when everything was due just by looking at the calendar, which is incredibly helpful.

If you're bad at staying on top of your life just like I am, download it!