11 Thoughts Every College Student Has During Sylabuss Week

It's about that time again people. As we embark on this journey may we all prosper, know we are not alone and take deep breathes. LEt the coffee flow and know these 11 thoughts will pass.

1. First stop: Coffee

This is even more true with classes before 10 am. Being an 8 am class survivor I could not have gotten through it without coffee.

2. I'm so nervous

Back to school jitters are normal if you start kindergarten or your sophomore year of college. They exist and while they ease up every year they still happen. Everyone is feeling these though, I promise.

3. Well, this is awkard

If you get to class before the room opens up you will sit outside of it listening to crickets. The first thought that came to my mind was this is awkward. It will get better though.

4. Questioning your choice in professors.

Personally I always use www.ratemyprofesor.com when choosing classes in the spring or fall for the following semester. It is normally a good guideline but only syllabus week can make that call.

5. I am not prepared for this

Looking at the syllabus then having it reinforces is scary. Looking at the due dates make it worse which leads to the next thought.

6. Is this really the right major for me?

If you are a nursing major this thought enters your mind at least once during this week in particular but really it starts at the first science class. If you love the major and love what you will be doing that aching thought will pass.

7. Get your crap together.

After having a mini panic attack I typically will give myself a mental pep talk. Sometimes that is in a mirror in my room or bathroom but what can I say-- I was a speech and debate kid :)

Shout out to The National Speech and Debate Association or NSDA.

8. How many more hours, minutes, or seconds are left in a class.

Sometimes professors droan on about something and it leaves us students board and annoyed. That's when we eye the clock like it is the last cookie in the jar. It is only natural but be ready for wandering thoughts.

9. I have to stay awake.

When you combine a morning class or school and work with you boring professor it is hard to keep your eyes open.

10. I am almost there.

After a long day, all I can think about is going home, shoving pizza in our mouth, and sleeping. At some point the thought crosses your mind of when can I do all these things. Well, that typically happens for me when I get pretty close to done with class.

11. Finally made it.

You become five when that last class is out and after a very long day you can come home and not care.

There it is folks. The 11 thoughts we all have but don't really admit. I will say keep Netflix and Hulu handy. Enjoy the ride and I hope you have a great year.

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