A Student's Class Project Has Solved All Of Your Dining Hall Woes

A Student's Class Project Has Solved All Of Your Dining Hall Woes

Hunger Hacked is changing the way we see meal plans.


Have you ever gotten bored of the food your campus dining hall has offered? Meal plans can often be a drag when you're in college and running out of ideas. I always end up thinking I'll try to invent a new salad or make something cool, but I end up just getting pasta...again.

Luckily, a group of students at Ohio University have thought of this and came up with a solution. Hunger Hacked is a social media community and soon-to-be app that lets students share their creative dining hall recipes so that others can mix up their dining hall experience! I had an awesome opportunity to speak to Bethany Ungar, a student at OU who is one of the brains behind Hunger Hacked.

Why did you start Hunger Hacked?

"I'm in an MIS 2010 class and we had to design an app. A few days earlier, my friend had made root beer floats in the dining hall. I thought it was so creative to make your own creation in the dining hall. Another friend told me how to make buffalo chicken dip in the dining hall. I was thinking about how awesome it would be to have an app where people could share those ideas so that everyone could use them. We went to start up weekend with the idea to pitch the app and make it be a reality."

So is it a reality?

"We're getting there. We have two members of our team who decided to continue, and we won a nice prize pack with various services for starting businesses from the Athens area. We are very early in the stages of connecting with those people and working on a business plan."

What goals do you have for Hunger Hacked in the future?

"I would like it to be an app that is really popular for students who have dining hall plans on every campus in the country. If we're thinking big, it would be nice for each university to have a community to share their dining hall hacks."

So what's your favorite "hack?"

"An ice cream sandwich made out of waffles. It's really bad for you but it tastes pretty good!"

Bethany encourages people to send in their hacks on Hunger Hacked's social media, so the idea can gain more following and more people can benefit from the awesome idea.

If you want to send in your hack, there are a few different ways you can send in a picture and your recipie to the community:

Instagram: @hungerhacked #hungerhacked

Facebook: Hunger Hack (post or DM them)

Twitter: @hungerhacked

Email: hungerhacked@gmail.com

If you're on the Ohio University campus, I encourage you to check out this awesome project! If you aren't, share this article! The more people that know about Hunger Hacked, the sooner it may come to your school!

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