Am I doing enough to be in college

For The College Student Who Thinks They Aren't Doing Enough

You're doing just fine doggy paddling on the surface although I know for sure it doesn't seem that way all the time.


Picking a major is probably the hardest aspect of getting shipped off to college because it's the biggest determining factor in what your future will really look like. Changing your mind halfway through college and wanting to do law instead of pre med? Get ready for a ton of extra stress, ironically at the time when you need it least, because that's always how it tends to happen.

You can really set your mind to anything, but to walk the road less travelled and stick with the same major throughout the entirety of your college years takes a lot of prior preparation. Up until about a week ago, I thought that I was prepared enough to face the challenges life will pitch at me like an MLB all-star.

As college is day by day getting closer, I can only imagine what struggles the average college student is facing today, and consequently what challenges I'll be facing in a few months.

It's easy to feel alone when you're on a campus full of thousands of kids and you're all just trying to make it out in the unforgiving world. Everybody gets confused, makes wrong decisions, even loses their moral compass for a short period of time. You aren't alone, and things will turn out how they're meant to. Even if you aren't one of those people who believes everything is destined to turn out a certain way, as long as you're making decisions based on what you truly believe will genuinely benefit you, you'll be just fine.

College is a confusing and scary time. Being #150 in the graduating class of 2,500. Sexual assault, hazing, juggling school and a full time job, simply moving away from home at the bud of their adulthood- although not all are as intense as the other, these are the factors that make college students feel like they're drowning in an ocean and need to call their mom crying at 1 a.m. to help pull them back up.

You're doing just fine doggy paddling on the surface although I know for sure it doesn't seem that way all the time.

You're a part of the less than 40 percent that stayed to graduate. You're pushing through, doing all that you can even if some of the biggest decisions of your life thus far haven't gone as planned. If you have to change your major at any point, the stress will be worth it in the end knowing that you're following your intuition and benefiting your own future. Dealing with the weight of your personal life, whatever baggage you may be carrying, while rocking out higher level education is a power move in itself.

College students are strong, they persevere and take on whatever life may throw at them to make a wonderful future for themselves. I'm nervous to add my name to the roster and become #150, but hell, I've never felt more ready to take on a challenge in my life.

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