The office of multicultural student success at DePaul are looking to hire new mentors for the STARS peer mentor program. The program STARS stands for students together are reaching success. This program is meant to serve those who are of the marginalized. Students who are hired as mentors start out training in the spring quarter. Then, the mentorship role kicks off in the fall quarter and continues up until the end of winter quarter with weekly staff meetings. Here are five reasons why you should consider applying to be a STARS peer mentor:

1. You develop relationships and impact new students at DePaul

Throughout the mentorship role, the mentor gets to meet new students who commit to the program. It is the job of the mentor to get to know the student they mentor and to help out with them feeling acquainted to DePaul. During this process, new relationships are made, and you will impact a student in your group in a positive way.

2. You become more connected with the university 

Each week, a representative from DePaul comes talks to the mentors during the weekly staff meetings. Some of the representatives included the office of health promotion and wellness and the dean's of student office. Also, being a STARS mentor allows for students to attend other leadership programs such as the peer leadership summit where other DePaul mentorship positions come together and learn more about leadership.

​3. The staff  and the students gets to bond with each other 

Besides, mentoring and staff meetings there are a variety of fun events planned for the students in the program and the mentors. Each quarter, there is an event for both the students and the mentors with the goal being to develop closer relationships. In the fall quarter, students and the staff went bowling. Also, at the end of the quarter, there was a Friendsgiving.

4. Because STARS kickoff night is an amazing experience

The STARS kickoff night is where the mentors get to meet the students that are interested in the program and see if they want to commit to the program. The kickoff night is where the relationship building begins to happen and there are a variety of events, games, and icebreaker activities. Plus the free food is always appreciated!

5. You work and mentor with a diverse group of people

The last point I want to bring up is that while a STARS peer mentor, you will get to meet so many people. The office of multicultural student success strives to maintain a diverse environment and they do their job by hiring a diverse group of mentors. The students in the program also are diverse and unique in their own way.