Struggling To Get On The Workout Wagon

Struggling To Get On The Workout Wagon

As much as we all like to come off as that friend who is just "so in shape!" we all have our times of falling off the wagon. Yes, I'm talking to you. You haven't been to the gym in weeks! (okay, months, I was going to try to not make you feel that bad). You have trouble admitting it to yourself, but walking up that flight of stairs to your apartment is taking a lot of breath out of you (Oh wait, It's just that deep breathing meditation you've been working on, right?) As much as you have enjoyed the lazy days of doing the bare minimum that life requires of you, we all know that it is time to stop pretending you're in shape and actually get your ass back in motion. Here are some tips and tricks straight from real life people on how to put down your laptop, get out of your cozy bed and get back to the gym:

1. Exercise first thing in the morning.

"It's all about getting out of bed in the morning and just getting your shoes on. Once I do, I'm like, damn I'm in the zone."

-Iva Musnuff (University of Delaware Student)

2. Make a detailed plan to keep yourself dedicated.

"When you want to start something productive ... on top of all the other things that you're doing ... people start making excuses and start justifying to themselves that they'll be completely fine without dedicating time to the gym to better their physical fitness. I would start listing the benefits and the importance of living a healthy lifestyle ... the thing is, it's black and white; either you're in or you're out. It's either 100 percent or 0 percent."

-Anton Yanitskiy (Paroblic Performance and Rehab)

3. Use your previous self as inspiration.

"If you're getting back into it and meanwhile you have gained weight, it's helpful to look at photos of yourself when you were doing well. Sometimes we forget how well we were doing and looking at a stronger version of ourselves can kick start your motivation."

-Dana Tirico (Executive Chef)

4. Take Care of Yourself Inside and Out

"Get your life routine on track, a good nights sleep, cleaning and organizing your living space, following a schedule can put us in the right frame of mind to care for our bodies. Washing your face and brushing your teeth at night. Sounds silly, but when we remember how to care for ourselves we want more"

-Dana Tirico (Executive Chef)

5. Just force yourself.

"Just go to the gym one time. Make yourself go and you'll feel tired and sore but it'll be totally worth it. After that one time of pushing yourself, even though you don't want to at the time, you'll want to go back again"

-Jonathan Mandl (Montclair State University Student)

6. Plan ahead.

"If I'm off track I write it in my planner, because I usually come through"

-Andrew Meyer (Special Projects Cordinator)

Getting and staying in shape is a lot of give and take. It is about dedication, but even more than that it is about being consistent. What do you do to get yourself motivated after a slump? Leave any tips in the comments below!

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How "The Office" And "Parks and Recreation" Taught Me How To Adult

This is how I learned how to correctly adult.

LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLLLLLLLLEEEEEE! Nah, let's just talk about all the ways that "The Office" and "Parks and Rec" got me through my roughest semesters of college.

I started watching "The Office" as a favor to my wonderful boyfriend, who claims that I don't have enough culture. I would rather watch a movie than dedicate my time to a show, but immediately, I loved this and fell in love with the character development.

Both of the hilarious sitcoms, although more dramatized than what actually goes on in a workplace setting, teach you a lot about life in general and frankly, give me hope that I will make it through actual adulthood. There are a couple of different ways that I am going to break this down, in that it will partly be a character/show analysis and comparison, and partly a debrief on the takeaway life lessons of both shows.


There are so many things that are heartfelt and compassionate in both of these shows, and personally, I truly appreciate the way that they present awesome life lessons in ridiculously, (sometimes, scarily accurate), funny ways that hit you right in the feels. To begin with, my first lesson that I learned, is that it is totally okay to mess up again, and again, and again until you get it right. In "The Office," you constantly see Pam and Jim falling for other people when it is clear that they should ultimately end up together to right the universe. Time and time again, within "Parks and Recreation," Leslie comes up with schemes to try and help the city of Pawnee yet instead, cause more problems than she began with. All this is just to say that even though the shenanigans that are caused become problematic to the original goal, the characters find ways to make it work. I think this is why I love these two shows so much; at the end of every episode, there is a sense that everything will be okay and we all will survive.

The most beneficial lesson to come out of these shows is that it is okay to have no idea what you are doing right now and it's okay to have no idea what the future has in store. Cause let's face it, there has never been any given "correct" way on how to go about stumbling through life, (and if there was, we would be living in sci-fi novel). I say that as long as you are happy and you fight hard for what you believe in, that is all anyone can ask for. And gosh darn it, I feel pretty accomplished getting out of bed and going to classes every day and if I remember to eat, it's been a stellar day!

A theme that is emphasized within "Parks and Recreation" is that there are always two paths to take and the path that you choose may be harder and more winding, but will ultimately pay off. While Tommy represents the ultimate "get rich quick scheme" character (seemingly the easiest route), it is proved that when he actually puts his mind to it, he develops thoughtful and ingenious ideas for both his benefit and his friends. This lesson is also represented in both shows through their relationships that have us grabbing the edge of our seats in anticipation. Ann Perkins and Chris Traeger end up happily together, but only after years of halting their relationship as both friends or lovers. Also, the great love story of Michael and Holly in "The Office" leave you so heartbroken and happy at the same time that we don't know how to feel.

All in all, I think that as someone who has often had to encounter things that others haven't, as well as had to grow up faster than most of my peers, the one lesson that I consider the takeaway from both quirky comedies, is to always be true to yourself and you will find who you are along the way. Now I know that that sounds extremely cheesy emotional, but it's true. don't ever let someone turn you into something you are not. Obviously, in relationships and friendships and any other kind of 'ships', there is some give and take that occurs. And that is totally normal and good to have happen, but when it comes to the people who you truly care about and who care about you, let them see your flaws and your quirks and ridiculous obsessions that you won't show anyone else. Here's why... it is exhausting keeping up a charade (or multiple), forever. And you will eventually slip up. So that's why Leslie is ambitious and pushy, April is the forever moody teenager and Michael is the ridiculous boss; because it works for them and you accept them for who they are.

Although there are many other lessons to be learned from these shows, I wanted to touch on the ones that meant the most to me. The major themes of character development and brilliantly thought-out directing, creates a light-hearted way to speak to all kinds of people; from the Leslie's and Michael's, all the way to the Garry's and Angela's.

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5 Worship Songs To Get You Through Your Day

Bring on the hand raising, goose bumps, and tears

Music. It’s powerful, more powerful than we will ever realize or ever fully grasp. It has the ability to make us feel, to change our emotions at the flip of a switch. It can cause us to sit at the edge of our seats in suspension during a movie. It makes us want to sing and dance in our cars on the way to work. It can give us goose bumps and tears in the middle of a church service. It makes us feel things we didn’t realize we were feeling, and has the ability to make us either smile and laugh, or cry and mourn.

It has power, but only as much power as we let it. When you’re having a bad day, facing temptation, or just feeling sad, try listening to something that will boost your spirits. Listen to the music that turns your eyes back to the one who is the true source of peace and happiness. If you need help finding those songs, here are 5 praise songs to get you through that tough day.

1. “Pieces (Live)” by Steffany Gretzinger, Bethel Music

Living in a world of sin, we all know what it’s like to get heartbroken and let down by someone else. Love is a risk, and sometimes it hurts. But we can have faith in knowing that the love of Christ will never disappoint us; it is unfailing and unreserved. He’s on fire for us despite our flaws and constant mistakes, and nothing we do can separate us from God’s love for us. Warning: It’s pretty powerful so be prepared to cry like a baby.

2. “O Come To The Alter” by Elevation Worship

An open invitation to anyone feeling exhausted by the weight of sin, guilt, and shame. It doesn’t matter what we’ve done, or whether or not we feel unworthy of love and forgiveness. Jesus wants us to find rest in Him, and He’s waiting for us with open arms. He died for us, and His love and forgiveness is a free gift. All we need to do is accept it and find peace in the presence of Christ.

3. “A Little Longer (Live)” by Jenn Johnson, Bethel Music

A thank you letter to our one true Savior, and a love letter from Him in return. Offering up our lives and giving up control to do His will. He has done so much for us, and all we want to do is repay Him. Yet, the end of the song reminds us that Christ’s love is not a conditional love, it's unconditional. He never expects anything in return, and we don’t have to do anything but accept His love that He so desires to give us, and just be with Him.

4. “Streams of Mercy” by The Collective Worship

Coming at ya live from one of the best churches around, this song is the very reason repeat buttons exist. It’s so utterly honest, and describes the humbling feeling of knowing that God is so much more worthy and deserving of more than just us filthy sinners. He deserves so much more than what we can give, yet He wants us anyways. So we come before Him, offering all that we are and simply fall at His feet in surrender.

5. “Tremble (Live)” by Mosaic MSC

A praise song sure to give you goose bumps, reminding you that there is no one more powerful than Jesus. He makes the darkness tremble, He can calm a raging storm, and nothing can overtake Him. If it doesn’t bring you peace to know that we are protected and loved by an all-powerful and unstoppable God, then I’m not sure what would.

Cover Image Credit: Unsplash

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