13 Struggles You Know To Be True If You're 10 Inches SHORTER Than The Average Adult
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13 Struggles You Know To Be True If You're 10 Inches SHORTER Than The Average Adult

Like how adult booster seats should really be a thing.

13 Struggles You Know To Be True If You're 10 Inches SHORTER Than The Average Adult
Sami Newland

Being short is hard. People constantly make comments about how "cute" you are despite being an adult and you have to learn how to do things differently than those who are more vertically blessed. As someone who just barely breaks the 5-foot mark, I am an expert at navigating the world at 10 inches shorter than the average human. Here are a few of the struggles we short people face on the daily:

1. You go to concerts to listen, not see.

You would have no idea from this picture but I was actually at a Florence and The Machine concert.

2. Every part of the pool is the deep end.

3. You can never be in charge of taking the selfie.

Just me and my dad at the Women's March but my arms are too freakin' short to get my whole face in the pic :-)

4. Pants that fit do not exist. Every pair is eight feet too long.

This look familiar?

5. You get mistaken for a child...

Last week I went out for dinner and was IDed not only when I ordered a glass of wine, but then AGAIN when the waiter brought it to the table.

6. ... And always look like one in pictures with other people.

Despite being THREE YEARS OLDER I still look like a child standing next to my sister.

7. Standing on the bus is near impossible because you can't reach the handrails (WHY DO THEY MAKE THEM SO HIGH UP???)

So you have to resort to kind of surfing in the aisle and using strangers to break your fall.

8. You have to run when walking with your friends because your steps are so much smaller.

9. You have to mountain climb the shelves in the grocery store to get what you need.

And pray the entire shelf of paper towels doesn't come falling down on you.

10. You basically have to sit on the steering wheel in your car in order to see the road.

And when other people sit in the front seat, they hit their face on their knees.

11. Despite being an adult, your feet don't touch the floor when you sit down.

12. And sitting on barstools is like dangling your legs into the abyss.

13. That whole cute midi skirt trend going on right now? Never gonna happen for you.

That would look like a mesh sleeping bag on me.

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