6 Struggles College Kids Relate To Now That They're Back
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6 Struggles College Kids Relate To Now That They're Back On Campus

1. Iced coffee becomes a meal replacement.

6 Struggles College Kids Relate To Now That They're Back On Campus

It's time to be back to the grind..or did I mean back to the struggle? We're just some college students all out here trying to figure out how to make it.

1. Iced coffee becomes a meal replacement 


Unfortunately, even with my own apartment, this still reigns true. I hate to believe that I am indeed one of those girls, but it has happened. I get so busy that I sometimes forget to bring snacks to the library during my four-hour study-benders, or I choose to walk to Starbuck's to try to relieve my caffeine fix for the day, and I totally forget about actual food.

2. Lazy, t-shirt days are socially acceptable 


I may look like I rolled out of bed because you're right, that's exactly what I did. Sometimes you're up studying the night before and so concentrated that 10 P.M. quickly turns to 3 A.M. You have to get up in less than 5 hours and it's just going to be one of those days where you show up to class or the exam and all that matters is that you got yourself there.

3. Naps and snacks are not just for little kids 


Sometimes you had a mentally exhausting week, or sometimes you just didn't sleep well the night before. Sleep is critical to refresh the mind and helps to retain critical information from studying, notes, or lectures. It becomes okay to take naps in college. Snacks, on the other hand, are critical for survival. You sometimes need a pick-me-up when walking to class, or you skip a meal because of a lecture and now need something fast and easy. Snacks solve all your problems, and can sometimes motivate you to study more if you bring them along with you.

4. If you don't write it down, chances are you won't remember 


College kids these days have so much information going through their heads at ALL times of the day. Whether it's remembering to attend a meeting, making sure you're memorizing notes, or even just important dates coming up later in the month...the truth is, if you don't write it down, you will not remember. This goes for lecture material that you think you can go home and remember, and also without a calendar, you will never remember the dates you need.

5. The amount of Netflix watched becomes unhealthy 


Everyone has their own guilty pleasures or ways to decompress, but most college students find themselves addicted to Netflix, and it can be the perfect way to spend a night without homework or a lazy Sunday morning in bed. I've gotten to the point where I go to the gym and watch an episode when I workout. It helps me not think about schoolwork and gives me the motivation to go to the gym.

6. You have to workout to avoid gaining weight 


There are numerous reasons people choose to workout: sometimes it's for social reasons, to go with friends and to be able to catch up. For some students, it's the ability to step away from the books for a while and to be able to work off some stress. Whatever the reason may be, you go to the gym because ultimately you know it will make you feel better both mentally and physically. Eventually, the late night cravings will catch up to you. To avoid this, going to the gym has to be a must in your schedule.

The struggles us college kids face bond us all together in the end. We love to complain about them, but we will miss the lifestyle when it's gone.

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