5 Struggles About Coming Home For The Summer

Many people come home for the summer after a full spring semester at college. I have been back for a few weeks and I am already struggling with adjusting to my normal summer schedule. Here are some daily struggles I have experienced since I've been home, and I'm sure you've been through these same things too!

1. Unpacking


Boxes and boxes and boxes. Why unpack everything if I am just going to be moving back in 3 months?

2. "Free time"


Since you're home from school, that must mean you have all the time on your hands right? NOT! I am constantly doing favors and helping out my family since they are at work all day and I have the mornings off.

3. Different schedules


If you're like me, then you still have friends in high school. Seniors don't get out for another week and my junior friends get out in the middle of June! That means that I have time to find stuff to keep me busy during the day since my friends aren't available. My best friend is the same year as me, so we have been hanging out a lot these last couple days.

4. $$$ time


Since my coworkers are mostly high schoolers, that means that I can take more shifts since they are still in school. I've already started working and getting paychecks. This is a big help since I managed my money poorly this year and became officially broke. However, that means more work and less of that "free time" we all desire.

5. EVERYONE asking about my school year


Since I've been home, I have run into many teachers and adults that haven't seen me in a while. They always ask about my school work and how my first year went. This can be kind of annoying sometimes, especially if I am in a rush. But, so far, everyone has been super cool about it. I just hope we find some better things to talk about while school is FINALLY done.

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