To All My Strong, Intelligent Women Who Feel Like They Aren't

To All My Strong, Intelligent Women Who Feel Like They Aren't

As High School Musical once said, "We're all in this together".

Hey girl,

How are you? If you really thought about the answer to that question, your answer would most likely not be as simple as “I’m fine”. Are you stressed? Upset? Excited? If you are anything like me, you could answer yes to all three of those in one day. Life is hard enough without throwing college into the mix.

I’m a girl who cherishes her free time since it has become so rare. I’ll usually spend it eating some chocolate and coloring to help me de-stress. If I’m not doing that or sleeping, I’m working on my coursework. It’s a fun life, right?

During these four (or so) years, it may feel like you have lost yourself. Every night becomes a late night. Every new day brings a new assignment. Every weekend seems like a blessing until you spend it in the 24-hour library to stop yourself from getting too far behind.

Now add the emotionally taxing parts of life to that stressful schedule of yours. The gossip, drama, and heartache that always comes your way. Seemingly, we can’t escape them. No matter how much you try to push distracting thoughts to the back of your mind, they come back and take over. For whatever reason, this part of us has given us the reputation of not being able to handle difficult tasks like guys can.

On the contrary, I think it shows that women are even stronger than they think since we are doing just as much work as them while maintaining healthy friendships and relationships.

Being in a male-dominated field has shown me the reality of why women don’t necessarily thrive in a co-ed setting. Whether it is with our friends, project teammates, club members, etc., we are constantly surrounded by the feeling of having to prove ourselves. Asking for help seems like the worst possible thing you could do.

Wouldn’t that just be feeding the stereotype that we are not cut out for this? Even though you work extremely hard to prove to others that you can succeed, it feels like it’s never enough. Can you finish the project the fastest? Can you answer the questions that no one else can?

Can you do better than your classmates on every assignment and exam? Even with all of that, can you also get more interviews and internship offers than your peers? Everyone is constantly competing, and it is exhausting.

Why do we do this to ourselves? Better yet, why are others pressuring us to be ‘perfect’? If they aren’t flawless, why do we need to be? The answer is quite simple – we don’t.

We should be building each other up, celebrating each other’s achievements, and working together. I know many women, including myself, who struggle with having confidence in their abilities.

If we are already fighting with ourselves, how can we possibly think it’s okay to do that to each other? All of the women I have had the honor of meeting in college are so intelligent and determined. I know for a fact you are, too.

You have the power to do anything. All of the tools are at your disposal. Don’t let anyone make you feel less adequate because of everything you are balancing. You are doing the best you can.

If you feel as though the guys who always get perfect scores are better than you, just remember who will be happier when you have your best friends supporting you, and they only have their stack of A’s.

I believe in you!

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Profit Over The People

Diversity comes in various forms; whether it be culturally or fiscally, there are several ways to identify people as similar or different. The city of Miami, FL loves to advertise its diversity when it comes to attracting tourists, yet it is choosing profit over its people.


The google definition for gentrification is "the process of renovating and improving a house or district so that it conforms to middle-class taste." Which seems extremely palatable, but the gross and harsh reality is that gentrification is the destruction of housing in impoverished areas to then construct neighborhoods of higher value. And in that process, the homes, memories, and culture of those areas are erased off the face of the earth as if they never existed.

The residents of these homes do receive compensation for giving up their homes, but not nearly enough to find an alternative housing solution. This has been the case for the city of Miami for quite some time now; placing shopping malls and luxury condominiums on top of the memories and homes of families that have resided in the same area for decades on end.

According to the 2015 and 2016 census, Miami ranks second worst in the nation for income and poverty levels, yet officials deem it appropriate to further the expansion of luxury living and attraction by ridding of the low-income communities. The homeless population in the city of Miami has been a major concern for years; but instead of addressing said issue, they are simply contributing to it by further permitting these expansions to occur.

These construction projects not only contribute to pre-existing traffic problem in the city of Miami due to overpopulation but leaves those who once had a home, out on the streets. There is a total of 179,200 households in Miami-Dade County, 44% of those house children under the age of 18 years old and the household poverty rate in Miami- Dade County was 21.3%, according to the 2013 ACS.

What are the odds of there being households that fall under both of those categories; not only is gentrification putting paying citizens out on the streets, but their children as well.

Allowing the private agendas of public officials affect our neighbors in such a manner is merciless. A large part of Miami consists of low-income areas, yet they have been falling off the map little by little over time. They are starting from the bottom up, and what once was considered a middle-class community will soon be deemed a low-income area in comparison to new structures.

When will it stop? The living expenses in Miami are already unmanageable, but if this continues Miami will soon lose all of its original residences and cultures. Left in the remains of a once culturally thriving and accepting community will be a playground for the wealthy, built on the soil of what used to be home to a culturally, economically and experientially diverse community.

The unfortunate matter is that this isn't only happening in the city of Miami, but in various large cities across the country. Pushing low-income housing off the map, contributing to the homeless population, to then drive initiatives to relocate the homeless if they are found in affluent neighborhoods.

How can one rise to the occasion in hopes of creating a better life, if they are constantly being pushed down by institutionalized prevention? Gentrification is a national issue; a country that prides itself on opportunity and progress is slowly evolving into a country for the wealthy.

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