Since we are very young, we all talk about being independent one day. Sometimes we fight with our parents and say I can't wait until I'm 18 and out of the house. Or when we ask for permission for something, our parents answer back saying not under my roof. And in our head just runs one thought: I can't wait until I am independent.

Obviously, independence is something everyone wants. We all want to do things at our will and follow our hearts and passions without constraints caused by other people. There are many kinds of independence that people strive for throughout their lives.

One type of independence we all should want and aim for is financial independence. The world definitely runs on money. If you have enough in your bank account or at least the ability to make money, you have the ability to be financially independent. That is necessary in the world today. You need to know the basics, such as writing a check, paying the monthly bills, and most importantly, earning your own money.

When you earn your own money, you have the ability to stand up on your own feet. No one can boss you around and rule your life. Here are some things you should consider and do in regards to your financial independence:

1. Know your assets and the worth of each of them

2. Create a prenup to ensure that you keep your assets if anything goes wrong in your marriage

3. Keep track of all your bank accounts and be aware of how much is in your joint accounts and individual accounts

4. Stay on top of your bills and loans, know all their terms and how to pay them off

5. Make sure you have all the right to spend the money you earn

Being financially independent enables you to stand up on your feet and not become dependent on anyone. You earn your money on your own and you should be the only one to decide how that should be spent.