Need more Patience, Less Stress

Patience is an important lesson we all need in life. Sometimes, I just need to sit down and enjoy the memories, or enjoy the moments. We at this young "University" age seem like we want everything to happen right away. We want our lives to just have a kick-start. However, if you stress about it, it would happen as well. Patience and persistence is key to more stability. Also we as humans also need to learn to prioritize things.

Prioritizing things can lead to a more organized and inhabitable lifestyle. Set goals for each other, build others up. When people are more calm, they seem to get things done a lot better. They take their time. They focus on it as if it is an art. Passion and greatness builds up. A life lesson is to have faith and to never give up.

It is like if you were going to look at life from an investor's mindset. We need to start looking at everything through a long term perspective. Is what I am purchasing right now, worth the time I put in to making that money? In a given situation, you need to sometimes take a break and see if you are approaching things from the right way. In everything you do, do is as it was your best.

However, your best can still take things slow. Your best can perfect your craft. Your best can exhibit patience and perseverance through numerous of great trials that come your way. That is when you really focus tremendously, and set your eyes on the end target. This is when you strive and show everyone. If all else fails, at least you tried. Either way, that in itself is a triumph.

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