Things are getting back the way they were. The transition was smooth and everything went well. Now that I am in the third week of school and almost fourth, but things are getting busier. I prepared for the Boston Bruins game that I performed at with the Glee Club on the 10th. I feel like everything is piling up all at once. The fourth week of this semester is the busiest week of this semester. I have four exams in the same week and they are mostly for my science classes. I am currently preparing for my exams as I prepare for an opera performance.

When I tell my friends about my schedule next week, they all freak out because things are going to get be extremely messy for me with those exams and the extracurricular that I am involved in. I think that I can do it. I will do my best to manage everything the same way I did last semester. I just hope that I will spend a good amount of time going over things that I did not understand so I can ace those exams and move forward as the semester goes by quickly. I know that it is not going to get easier but I will get through it because I know what to do and how to do it. If I need help, I will ask because there are a lot of resources that I can use on campus. I will also study as much as I can so that I know that I am ready for the week. The good thing out of all this busy schedule is that I like challenges and I will be able to manage everything as I usually do. I know so because I got through the first semester which was harder than this one.