100 Shows And Movies You Can Watch For Free On The New Streaming Platform Peacock
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100 Shows And Movies You Can Watch For Free On The New Streaming Platform Peacock

Quality entertainment without the monthly subscription.


There's a new streaming service on the block. Peacock has a lot of great options at no cost to you. Some of their offerings are the same as the ones you spend $10/month to watch on Netflix and Hulu. To prove it, here is a list of shows and movies that can be found on Peacock!


All 8 seasons are available!

"21 Jump Street"

All 5 seasons are available!

"Saved By The Bell"

All 5 seasons are available!

"Friday Night Lights"

All 5 seasons are available!


All 5 seasons are available!


All 6 seasons are available!


All 8 seasons are available!

"Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist"

Watch the entire first season!

"Everybody Hates Chris"

Watch all 4 seasons of this throwback!

"This Is Us"

Watch season 4 now!

"Royal Pains"

Watch all 8 seasons!

"New Amsterdam"

Watch the first two seasons!

"A.P. Bio"

Watch both seasons!

"The Game"

It's been a while since this show went off of air and we could all use a little refresher on Derwin, Melanie, and the rest of the gang!

"Hell's Kitchen"

Watch seasons 1-9 and get a good dose of Gordon Ramsey anger in your day.


Watch season 2!

"Chicago P.D."

Stream season 7!

"Chicago Fire"

Stream season 8!

"Chicago Med"

Stream season 5!

"Chrisley Knows Best"

Watch all 7 seasons!

"30 Rock"

Watch all 7 seasons!

"Real Husbands of Hollywood"

Stream all 5 seasons of Kevin Hart's reality tv parody show!

"Downtown Abbey"

All 6 seasons available!

"Undercover Boss"

Seasons 1-8 are available!

"Saved By The Bell: The College Years"

Watch the full season!

"Dahmer on Dahmer: A Serial Killer Speaks"

Watch this two episode series on famous killer, Jefferey Dahmer.


All 10 seasons are available!

"Bad Girls Club"

Season 13: Redemption

Season 14: Back for More

Season 15:Twisted Sisters

Season 16: Social Disruption

Season 17: East Meets West

"Parks and Recreation"

Stream all 7 seasons!

"Law and Order: Special Victims Unit"

Watch the first season for free!

"American Ninja Warriors"

Watch seasons 1-8

"American Ninja Warrior Jr."

If you think ANW contestants are beasts, check out the kids in this one season spin-off!

"Snapped: Killer Couples"

Watch all 6 seasons!

"Battlestar Galactica"

Watch all 4 seasons of this classic!

"Unsolved Mysteries"

Watch all 12 seasons!

"Flipping Out"

Watch through season 11!

"Lincoln Rhyme: Hunt for the Bone Collector"

Watch the first season!

"Million Dollar Listing"

Watch all four seasons!

"Short Term 12"

"Alice and Wonderland (1933)"

"1 Mile to You"

"Law Abiding Citizen"

"Palo Alto"

"Billy Elliot"

"Almost Friends"


"A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints"

"Leap Year"

"Psych: The Movie"

"Psych 2: Lassie Come Home  (A Peacock Original Film)"

"Remember the Daze"


"All Summers End"

"The Bourne Identity"

First in a series of six films.

"The Bourne Identity: Supremacy"


"The Bourne Identity: Ultimatum"

Third in series.

"Struck by Lightning"


"Girl with a Pearl Earring"

"Do the Right Thing"

"The Paperboy"

"Violet and Daisy"

"Mad About Mambo"

"In the Name of the Father"

"Leaving Normal"

"Date and Switch"


"All We Had"



"Hide Your Smiling Faces"

"Miss Arizona"

"Playing It Cool"

"In Good Company"

"Monsoon Wedding"



"40 Days and Nights"

"Inside I'm Dancing"


"More Than a Game"

"4th Man Out"

"Madame Bovary"

"A Very Sordid Wedding"

"Inside the Rain"

"A Mile in His Shoes"

"Shattered Glass"

"The Trotsky"

"What Maisie Knew"

"Dave Chappelle's Block Party"

"The Giant Mechanical Man"

"The Matrix"

The first in a serious of four movies.

"The Matrix Reloaded"

The sequel.

"The Matrix Revolutions"

The third installment in the series.

"Ace Wonder"

"Abbott and Costello Meet Dr. Jekyll and Dr. Hyde"

"Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein"

"Abbott and Costello Meet The Invisible Man"

"Jurassic Park"


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