7 Effective Studying Strategies That Will Get You A's On All Your Finals
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7 Effective Studying Strategies That Will Get You A's On All Your Finals

Say no more.


As the semester is coming to an end, finals are approaching. It can be a really stressful time. Staying calm is almost impossible to do. And, it doesn't help when you're unsure about how to approach studying for your exams. Don't worry! Check out these seven strategies for studying for finals.


When you use flashcards, not only are you quizzing yourself, but you're also remembering them by writing the words and their definitions. Flashcards are also just a fun and simple way to study.

Review your notes every day leading up to your test

Reviewing your notes is very important, but make sure to space it out throughout the week leading up to your test. This way is really effective because it helps reinforce that memorization of the information.


Quizlet is such a fun way to study! You can most likely find a Quizlet page for your course, but you can also make your own page to study. Aside from flashcards, there are also games, and practice tests that make studying a lot easier when it's all in one spot.

Rewriting notes

Going back to rewrite your notes can be time-consuming, but it's actually really effective. Instead of watching Netflix during finals week, do this!

Making a study guide

Some professors won't give you a study guide for the final, so it's smart to make your own. However, even if they do give you a study guide, it's not always good. Make your own study guide based on the study guide they provide you. It gives you clarity on the content and you can put things in your own words.

Studying the assignments for that class

Studying all your in-class assignments and homework is really smart. The content will most likely be on the test. And, who knows? Maybe even the same questions will be on the test! Plus, it's just a good way to practice or study the material, especially if it's a math class.

Taking breaks

Most importantly, don't forget to take breaks! This could mean hanging out with friends, designating some me-time, or working out. Any kind of break is great! Lots of college students like to pull all-nighters or study all day long with no breaks, but that's actually not effective at all. You need your mental breaks and sleep!

As I've mentioned studying for finals can be really overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. If you manage your time, split up your work, and use some of these strategies, then you will be ready to ace those exams!

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