Your Best Friends Used To Be Strangers To You

Your Best Friends Used To Be Strangers To You

Some of your best friendships started with an awkward smile or a simple conversation.

Madeline Lay

Isn't it funny how when you met some of your best friends, you had pretty much no idea what was coming? You smiled at someone in class or you started joking around with someone at lunch, and all of a sudden, you could not imagine not being friends with them. That one smile or nod of the head was the beginning of something you did not know was coming. Something great.

So, while the beginning of a friendship seems to have a haphazard start, the friendship only stays if it fits. Everyone gets along in different ways. I definitely do not have everything in common with my friends. In fact, sometimes it feels like we are total opposites; however, if you look closely at all of your relationships you may realize that there is always some sort of common factor. You might have the same sense of humor or you like to do the same things on a Friday or you can just talk for long periods of time without the conversation going dry.

You will always have some sort of thing that you enjoy doing with a friend whether it's watching movies, going to the gym, or eating brunch together. Friends will be there to have fun with you, but the best friends are the ones that are there for all the moments- the good and the bad. Good friends can be hard to find, so when you find them, do not ever let them go. The best friends can go from laughing so hard that you are crying to crying with you so much after a long day that you cannot help but laugh. The best friends might not see you for a long time, but when you see each other, it's as though you were never apart. The best friends ask you how your day was because they actually care.

Not every person you meet is going to be your best friend. Every person only has a few in a lifetime, so keep your eyes open. Don't miss the good friends that may be right in front of you, and don't dismiss other friends just because they are not your best friend. You never know where your friendship will go and that person that sits next to you in class might just be the start of something great.

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