"Stranger Things" And Its Iconic Opening Sequence

"Stranger Things" And Its Iconic Opening Sequence

Spoiler alert: it's awesome.


As I was scrolling through Facebook this evening, I came across a video from Vox.com about the critically-acclaimed Netflix series "Stranger Things." I just finished up the show recently and I greatly enjoyed it. It has a great 80s vibe to it and I've been describing it as a hybrid between the 2011 movie "Super 8" and the science fiction series "X-Files" (which I also just started this summer). There's a great blend of adolescent mystery-solving, government corruption, and inter-dimensional monsters, making the show a good watch for a variety of age groups. I also fell in love with the show's opening sequence, which features a fantastic synth-heavy theme song by the band "Survive" that I've totally been jamming to, and a simple, but iconic typeface, all of which was put together by the company "Imaginary Forces." Here is a link to the video from Vox, which talks all about how Imaginary Forces put together an opening sequence that felt both strongly 80s and also completely unique. It's the little things that make the big picture work so well.

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