'Stranger Things 3' Made Me Thankful I Didn't Grow Up In The '80s
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6 Moments From 'Stranger Things 3' That Make Me Thankful I Didn't Grow Up In The '80s

95% of their problems could have been solved if everyone had iPhones.

6 Moments From 'Stranger Things 3' That Make Me Thankful I Didn't Grow Up In The '80s

I've always had an admiration for the '80s. From the music to the big hair, I often think I would thrive in that decade.

Then, I watched the third season of "Stranger Things." I would have absolutely never survived in this decade. Did you see how much trouble these kids went through? I mean, I know there was the whole "dangerous monster from another dimension" issue, but Dustin had to put up an actual cell tower just to talk to his girlfriend from camp.

And that was not even the worst part of the '80s trends depicted in this season. Here are six moments from "Stranger Things 3" that prove I was meant for the 21st century.

1. Everything about Will's and Mike's hair


I know it was the style, but it physically hurts me to see these actors having to endure a bowl-cut for the entirety of this season. Also, is no one else seeing the resemblance between Will and Coconut Head? It's all I can think about.

2. The station wagon


My favorite season three moment is absolutely when Nancy loaded all the kids up in the station wagon to go on a dangerous supernatural mission before reminding the children to buckle up for safety. She will never be the mom that Steve is, but her attempt was inspiring.

3. The clothes El and Max tried on


The mall scene was cute. I personally don't feel like we see enough of the girls hanging out in the ways the guys do. That being said, who in the world designed the horrific neon-colored, multi-patterned atrocities that these girls felt the need to try on for the sake of '80s fashion? It's shameful. Completely shameful.

4. Every pair of shorts any of the guys ever wore


I know this was the style... but why?! I know Steve's sailor uniform was bad, but at least the shorts had somewhat of a chance of meeting his knees. And a huge "thank you" to Jonathan for skipping this trend and sticking with the jeans. You, my friend, are a hero.

5. Anytime someone in the office referred to Nancy as "Nancy Drew"


This one is pretty obvious for most people. Even if Nancy is an intern, the likelihood of her being treated in such a disrespectful manner in today's times is slim-to-none. The likelihood of her getting to write an article as an intern is also slim, but that's a topic for another time.

6. The walkie-talkies


I've said it once, and I'll say it again: "Stranger Things" had to be set in the '80s because most of their problems would be solved instantly if everyone had a smartphone. And then there was the issue with the walkie-talkies losing signal or having dead batteries. It was all just a lot of trouble.

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