Do all stories have perfect endings? Some are complete whereas there are few stories that are not complete. I recently happened to watch a Bollywood movie along the same lines ‘Hamari Adhuri Kahani’ which means a story which is incomplete. The movie plot has a married female lead with a son and is trying to run her family in India. Her husband has gone missing and not returned for five years or so. She keeps lying to her son that her husband has gone to work in a foreign country and is not coming back anytime soon to convince the young kid about his father. He was an abusive husband and did not treat her well back then. She is working as a florist and gets to meet a business man who owns a chain of hotels and impresses him with her work. The business man falls in love with her as he sees her need for love and support. He persuades her to join his company and work for them in Dubai. She falls in love with him too as she respects him and needs a person to support herself and her son.

All this happens and in the meanwhile, her husband comes back home and explains his story that he was held captive by terrorists. He is innocent but he would be hiding from the police. He gets angry after hearing all this and beats his wife and tries to control her. He treats her more like his property than a human being whereas the other person treats her like a queen. Hence, she loves him now and would like to stay with him. Finally, the business man dies trying to prove his love and the lady escapes with her son and lives alone.

This story shows that every person has the choice to decide their fate and the lady has the power of choice. It is important to treat our partners with respect and care for them. The lady had no choice in this case as she wanted to protect her son and herself. Sometimes, it is hard to make decisions and outweigh all the consequences in life. We must take a safer approach keeping our future in mind. This story was not complete as they both joined together afterlife in the movie. Thus, Love is eternal and continues to blossom after life too.