I bet you have found yourself sitting in class before, taking notes, but you soon realize- your notes make little sense. There has probably been a time in your academic career when you were sitting in a lecture wondering what a chicken would do if it were to go in space. Okay, maybe you weren't thinking that specifically, but you get what I'm saying.

There has to be a time in everyone's academic career where they find themselves taking notes that would only make sense to a toddler. You try to stay focused, but it ends up doing less of that because you're so funny. You realize the lecture is words out of another mouth, so you continue with your nonsense notes. Who cares anyway? You can always get notes from your classmates or go online, right?

Well, it's about 40 minutes into the class, and you realize something. You would have better luck with writing the lines to High School Musical than the nonsense that is currently sitting in front of you. Meaning, you're so unfocused that you could recite a movie in your head that A. you have never seen, B. You haven't seen in ages or C.You watched the other night, and the iconic lines are still there.

As you look at the person's notes next to you, you realize this was a crucial lecture. One you probably should've been paying attention to, but the "FR E SH A VOCA DO" vine is stuck in your head. There's no turning back now.

So, as you're concentrating but not concentrating, you try your best to make it look like you know what's happening. You try to make sense of your notes, but face it, you're in too deep. You are trying to figure out if you know what's happening. And you are also watching an episode of Spongebob to the side of your notes.

Imagine for a second; you're sitting in class, trying your best to be entirely focused. All of a sudden that horribly embarrassing thing that happened in junior high pops into your head. You sit there squirming in pain. You're focused, but you're not focused. You're entirely focused on the professor, but you're somehow completely focused on that embarrassing moment, as well.

We've all been there. We've all soaked up information during that time, but the second we leave- it is all gone. We've all been the student who walks out of a class thinking "What did we just learn?" We've all sat through a class thinking about something that has no relation to what is going on.

Focused but unfocused is college. Give yourself a pat on the back for going to class, champ! You did it, and that is something to be proud of! Now go watch some Vines!