I Stopped Biting My Nails
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I Stopped Biting My Nails

Now I get compliments on my nails!

I Stopped Biting My Nails

Most people think my nails are fake but I promise they are 100% real. Home grown, natural nails! I now love my nails long, I used to think those girls that freaked out when they broke a nail they were insane! How would that hurt and why was it such a big deal? I now understand the pain and heartache that comes with a broken nail! I have not had long nails for long, it has really been a work in progress and it took a lot of effort. Don't freak out I do not have the crazy, could get in the Guinness world record book long nails just longer than most people have especially of natural nails! Although fairly new to me my nails have now become something I love and take pride in!

All of my life I've bitten my nails. I'm never nervous really, and not a completely anxious person — and if I was that was not the only reason or time I would bite my nails! I bit them all day, and literally would if I was up all night! People would ask me if my nail beds were sore. It never was because I had been biting my nails for such a long time I couldn't feel anything. In the end, I chose to stop biting my nails because it really is a disgusting habit.

If you know me, I usually come off rather laid back and don't really care what others think, but I did when it came to biting my nails. I knew that it was a gross habit and I worried if anyone actually noticed my constant nail biting that they would think I was disgusting. So, I decided to stop.

My first attempt was in sophomore year of high school. I was rather successful at stoping for a decent amount of time, but I did relapse. My second attempt came during my freshman year of college. I really hated that I did bite my nails so often, so I tried to stop again! This time, I did it. It is now the end of my junior year and I no longer bite my nails. I have long nails that I love to tap with. I can paint them with random designs and colors, and now I don't have to worry about how biting off the paint. I have cousins that still bite their nails about as badly as I did, and my aunts and uncles ask, "How did you do it?"

I really could not tell you how I did it — I just did. I never used the things to make my nails taste bad. I did use a lot of nail polish in hopes that it would stop me from messing up the design, but in the past it didn't work. It really is just a commitment and a lot of self control! I do believe that if I was biting my nails due to anxiety or nervousness I would not have the nails I do today so it is not really that easy for many people.

To me nails are a part of beauty and I really feel more confident with them. I feel better about myself since I am not always thinking that everyone in the room with me is thinking I am a gross human because I bite my nails! If you do bite your nails I understand and I will never judge but there is hope and you can stop!! Obviously not the worse habit to have but definitely a good one to lose! Good luck and long nails do get stuff done!

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