I'm all about chasing dreams no matter how crazy and I'm known to have many crazy dreams that I intend to chase while I'm young enough to do it. I know that I will have WAY more money in ten years thanks to my college degree but I will also have more responsibility including a big girl job that will most likely not let me take 3 months off of work to travel across Europe or spend the warm summer months in my favorite city. This is me telling you to stop waiting for the perfect time to come and start chasing your dreams now.

We are all only this young once and no matter how young we feel ten years from now, we won't be able to take or even have the same opportunities that we have now. Ten years will probably bring moves across the country or globe, one kid or six, marriage, new jobs, and promotions. So stop telling yourself that you can wait to do this or wait to do that when you can do it now.

Chasing dreams can be the scariest thing that we will ever do in our lives, but I recently have found out something that is even scarier than chasing dreams. The what-ifs that surround your dream that you refused to chase at this moment will be something that you have to deal with and is honestly scarier than just following your dreams and heart. I know that fear of failure prevents a lot of people from chasing dreams, but I have learned that failure just makes you learn faster and you come back even stronger.

Your dream can be moving into your own apartment or moving across the country and starting your own business. It doesn't matter what your dreams are or where your heart is, as long as passion and motivation are what drives you.

I will tell you that you probably will fail a couple times, oh goodness I know that I have. I will also tell you that when you fail you know that you have tried and the what ifs of trying aren't surrounding your dream anymore.

Think about a dream that you have been told to wait to accomplish or even try to chase. Write down everything that is stopping you from chasing that dream and write down why those factors are stopping you. Now cross off all things that are just opinions that are related to your age or anything like that until you are left with a real list.

Now write down all the reasons that you want to chase your dream and why you want to do it now. Compare those lists. If there is anything that is actually preventing you from achieving your goal such as financial reasons, then write a game plan of how you will still be able to accomplish your goal while being mindful of this. Now throw out the list of factors stopping you.

Just continue to think about all the reasons that you should chase your dream now and what motivates you to do so. The time is now to chase your dreams so go out and accomplish your dreams.