How To: Stop Tomi Lahren

Don't get me wrong, few things infuriate me more than seeing a Tomi Lahren video pop up on my Facebook news feed. But it's like a unconscious response to click on her video and watch what she has to say even though I know it's going to make me rage. And the problem is: that's what she wants. She wants a response from people, even if they disagree. She wants people to post videos responding to what she has to say. And maybe this could be a good thing, it could create a meaningful dialogue on topics. But instead, she uses her platform to be condescending and rude and sometimes just plain mean. But that's her MO.

So how do we stop her? Or force a reform on her programs? It's quite simple:

Step 1: Notice video

Step 2: Make a mental not that it'll probably just make you mad, and ain't nobody got time for that.

Step 3: Scroll past video

Stop watching, stop responding, stop giving her what she wants. It's like the friend who texts you to like their Instagram post: if you don't do it, you'll eventually stop getting asked. But the more people who need to have the last say on her opinion, the more likely her video is to get more views. She has a show, shows stay on air (or keep getting produced) if enough people watch, if no one watches, eventually something will snap. Either they'll have to cancel her show or they'll have to make changes. Either way, there is a good chance of her getting shut down. She's a smart girl, no doubt about it, so she'll adapt. If she wants to keep making money, she'll have to conform to what the public wants. Right now, they public wants to hear her opinion even though most don't agree. So we need to make a stand that we want something different, something new.

Take Nicole Arbour: I haven't seen a post from her since she posted that outrageous video fat-shaming overweight people. She literally told them that they are overweight by choice and they need to shape up (my pun intended). People were (rightfully so) very angry and started saying how they weren't going to watch her videos any more. And now I don't see any, so obviously the above method works.

It'll be hard (even me writing this article is feeding into her press machine, and there's no such thing as bad press), but if we as a collective, intellectual group of people put our minds to it, I know we can do it!

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