Stop Giving Students Tickets When We Pay To Go To College

The University of West Georgia is such a cute campus, it is small, local, and contains a fairly decent amount of students. But, it seems like the campus does not realize that students struggle with parking & then wanna toss a ticket onto our windshield. Excuse me?

Let me dive in head first with the new lot that was built beside the Campus Center. I started the fall semester seeing a beautiful new parking lot being built. My mind said, "YEET I can stop stalking people for a new spot." Drives in on day one & see a giant F on the sign meaning FACULTY PARKING! If I wanted to park in that lot do you know what would pop up on my car? Oh, I will tell you - a parking ticket. I pay to attend this college, so I can park WHERE I WANT!

Also, why does faculty park closer - they have legs too! Here I am, as a commuter student, having to park in the back lot and sweat off my breakfast to make my class on time. Meanwhile, I see a professor parking in the front row, RIGHT BY THEIR BUILDING. AGAIN, excuse me?!

I pay for this campus to stay open, we all do. SOOOOOOO why am I struggling with parking and tickets? WHY? If I give this school over $3,000 a semester - THEN I CAN DO AS I PLEASE.

UWG wants to keep accepting students, and expanding - then 10/10 recommend EXPANDING PARKING, ESPECIALLY FOR COMMUTER STUDENTS. Parking is an issue for commuter students, but what about the students that live on campus? It would drive me insane if I had to park in a Freshman lot BUT live at the Oaks. Do you know how far that is? What if I had to buy groceries? What about when it rains? Screw Y'all - RIGHT? And go ahead and park in faculty, or a spot not for your specific car - BUT EXPECT THAT TICKET!

UWG is tripping. Help us, help me! If the campus wants to keep accepting our checks... THEN THEY NEED TO FIX THE ISSUES THAT THEIR STUDENTS HAVE. Stop giving out tickets because we need to park closer, stop building lots for everyone EXCEPT the students, and stop wasting my money on a 15 car max lot.

Thank you, next.

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