For some reason, Odyssey likes to re-share old articles in order to bring in more traffic to their website. The older articles they share are usually quite controversial and bring out a lot of opinions from both sides of the argument. One of those articles was written by someone who believes that Nike shorts and leggings are for the gym and only the gym.

Now, isn't that a bunch of hogwash?

The author of the article tells young women that should be dressing nicer for class, putting effort into their appearance, telling them that they'll be taken far more seriously if they're dressed nicer. Her tone is quite condescending and bashes other young women who choose to dress down for class in an effort to be comfortable.

Now, I absolutely love fashion and dressing up. I believe that a cute outfit can make one feel better about themselves. But I'm not about to go around and tell people that their choice of outfit is terrible and that they should change. Maybe Nike shorts and leggings make them feel happy! Maybe it makes them feel confident. We're all individuals and we have our own operating systems, no two people are the same. Maybe it makes you feel better to wear a dress and a full face of Anastasia Beverly Hills to class but some girls feel better when wearing their leggings and a messy bun to class. Dressing up can be fun, but it shouldn't be the norm.

Also, some people can't afford to be spending money on clothes all the time. Clothing is expensive, even if it comes from somewhere like H&M or Forever21.

In what world should a young lady's appearance take precedence over her studies? Last time I checked, we live in 2018, not 1958. A girl doesn't have to get all "dolled up" just to sit in a lecture for two hours and type away on her laptop. That way of thinking is completely sexist and gives into unreal beauty standards. Why do women feel the need to always rag on each other? Y'all should be SUPPORTING one another! not tearing each other down. You don't have to be best friends with one another or even like each other, you just have to have one another's back in a world such as ours.

Next time you feel like openly judging your fellow classmate's choice of outfit, ask yourself this: "What am I gaining from being judgmental?"

Here's the answer: Absolutely nothing. So, mind your business and carry on.