Stop Telling Me How To Dress, My Body Is Mine To Dress How I Like

People have a habit of making harsh judgments and assumptions about women just by how they look. A girl who always wears makeup is seen as trying too hard and insecure. A girl who has big boobs and wears a v-neck T-shirt is seen as sleazy, “attention seeking,” trying too hard. Same goes for a girl who is in a short dress, short skirt, or short dress.

Newsflash: some girls wear makeup because they enjoy it, and wearing a v-neck T-shirt can be more comfortable for girls with big boobs.

Also, sometimes girls don’t wear a short skirt, dress, or skirt because they want to, they do it because being tall isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

I personally hate shopping for jeans. Being my size and height means that every pair I try on is way too short. Same for every skirt, pair of shorts, and dress I put on.

If I had a dollar for everytime someone told me my outfit was too short, I wouldn’t need to be in school.

It’s time to get real about the fact no body is perfect. I’m 5’11 and a size four but I also have curves. Here’s where I’m going to get even more real, my bust size is 36 inches and so are my hips. But plot twist, my wait is only 20 inches. Skin tight dress? I don’t know what that is. I have to choose between wearing something too big or too short. Bet the Kardashians don’t tell you about that part.

I know how to dress myself and the fact other women seem to think differently blows my mind. Tearing me down and judging me for a short skirt? Please go find me a pair of shorts that are comfortable, my size, and not “too short”. I will be overjoyed if you do.

I cannot speak for the girls who have to deal with big boobs that gene kinda skipped me in my family. However, I have enough friends and family members who constantly deal with it to get it. It sucks walking into Victoria's Secret and seeing all this cute stuff, then absolutely nothing is your size, or you get lucky and find your size but then it doesn’t look right. Working out? I’ve had friends tell me they have to wear two sports bras. People tell them they look sleazy in a top or a dress like they can just put their boobs somewhere else or make them shrink.

Worse, people assume big boobs equals fat.

Before you judge someone or make a comment, think about the fact that not everyone has the same body type as you.

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