Stop Shaming Me For Caring About My Academic Future

Stop Shaming Me For Caring About My Academic Future

There's different kinds of education, and academics is just one of them.

Nowadays, we're in a day and age of open-mindedness. More and more people, as the days go by and technology becomes much more advanced, are beginning to realize that traditions aren't holding; the original orthodox ways of going about things aren't sticking, and truth be told, they aren't working. College, and more importantly, education in general, is one of these areas of social advancement. Nowadays, people are realizing that the fool-proof "getting your high school diploma and then attending the mandatory four years of college" mold isn't one size fits all after all. Now that people are valuing the creative side of things, like working in the film industry and pursuing artistry, as well as athletics, the idea of college has acquired a certain connotation with it, despite what one's major is. And now, parents have started to specialize their kids from a young age: will my child end up attending college, then med school, and become a doctor, or will my kid end up attending art school?

All of this is fine and good. Arts and athletics are certainly something that should be valued and rewarded for among children, just as much as academics are. However, issues arise when everything starts to blend together. For example, the high school I attended is a strict science charter school, and heavily emphasizes academics and the like. As a result, many students ridicule the school for not offering enough arts and athletics and such; in fact, parents of children who attended the adjoining elementary school accused the school of being "too academic."

See, this is the problem: if you're attending or affiliating yourself with an education or organization that heavily concentrates itself in one area of study, or in a certain specific way, why do you shame the organization for being that way even if you knew it was that way in the first place?

Don't get me wrong, I totally get it. Every school should have offerings in every academic subject; this is a given. But when you attend a science school, especially a school that is renowned for its academics, why are you upset when its focus is, oh what a surprise, academics? I mean, my high school did have arts and athletics for those who craved them, but they weren't the focus because, lo and behold, it was a science school, that did science things!

I'm sorry, but the problem doesn't lie with the school--the problem lies with YOU.

This doesn't just go for schools. This goes for the concept of education in general. When one goes into the world of academia, one has to know that it's not easy. It's very much difficult, and involves a lot of studying. And when you commit yourself to pursuing such a path, you can't just say that you won't do it. You knew about it, you accepted it, and so you must keep on keeping on. That's what I did, and my high school allowed me to do just that by successfully giving me the arduous academics I needed to thrive at a top-twenty university. So why do you jeer at me when I defend such an institution, just because I followed and fully support their methods of education?

Moral of the story: if you don't agree with it, then just leave. There are thousands of educational institutions in the United States. Maybe my high school, or high schools like it, didn't cut it for you. I'm sure there's a school out there that will. But when you mock an education that you don't agree with just because of the way it is, the education is not in the wrong; you are.

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If South Carolina Colleges Were Characters From 'The Office'

Who's Jim and who's Meredith?

"The Office" is one of the best shows on the face of the planet. Don't believe me, you obviously haven't watched it. It has a character for everything, including all of the South Carolina colleges.

The Citadel

This one is probably the easiest. Creed Bratton. Hands down. Military all day every day. No one knows what really goes on behind closed doors, except the people there. Just like Creed's mind.

Coastal Carolina University

Consistently voted one of the top party schools in the nation. #It'snotcollegeit'sCoastal.

Winthrop University

Winthrop is the place for future teachers. We all know that Meredith is the mother/teacher figure in the office, which is kind of scary in and of itself.

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Erin just seems like the type of person who would go to an all-female college.

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Wofford College

The pearls, Greek Life, and Southern fashion are so real.

Furman University

Let's be real. Pam is a bit of a nerd. But at the end of the day, she does know how to get down. I mean she WAS on the party planning committee. And who doesn't want that Ring By Spring?

College of Charleston

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Medical University of South Carolina

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Cover Image Credit: YouTube

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Even After Family Weekend, I Haven't Gotten Homesick And I'm Not Ashamed Of It

It's really OK.


Now that we have successfully drifted into October, I am about a month and a half into my freshman year of college.

As the leaves on the trees start to change colors and the skies start fading to grey, Family Weekend rolls around. As a preface, I used to live in Connecticut. I think it's safe to say I still #BleedBlue even after living in South Carolina for my high school career. Regardless, it's safe to say me attending the University of Connecticut is a little ways away from my parents and cats.

That being said, the last time I saw my mom and dad was move in day. Exactly six weeks without seeing my dad or giving my mom a "huggie". I have been away from home before, for example I went to Ireland and Scotland this summer for a week with a teacher from school and a few other kids that went to my high school.

I don't miss high school and I enjoy living in a dorm with my amazing roommate and hanging out with people pretty much everyday and just doing my own thing, but it's weird not coming home and seeing my parents every night.

I mean look at those twoElizabeth Dunn // Personal Photo

See, I can't describe this as home sickness, because I talk to my mom on a pretty consistent basis, she sends me pictures of my cats, and I just haven't had that cloud of sadness over my head because I miss home. Not to say I haven't been sad in college, stuff happens, but it hasn't been like what sooo many other people talk about it to be.

my four cats on my parent's bedElizabeth Dunn // Personal Photo

Even now, a few days after seeing my parents, I miss the people not the place. I'm not going to guilt trip myself over this either. I think it's healthier! It was super nice to hang out with my parents again. I got fed well and spent a night off campus for the first time since I got here. Another positive was not having to jump out of my bed the next morning or wear shower shoes while showering

I'm hoping while writing this, that the stereotypical home sickness doesn't catch up to me in the near future (preferably not at all).

Even just six weeks in, I feel like I have grown as a person and changed. I will say it was amazing to see my parents, but I'm glad I'm away from home being able to blossom into an educated young woman.

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