Stop Shaming Me For Caring About My Academic Future

Stop Shaming Me For Caring About My Academic Future

There's different kinds of education, and academics is just one of them.

Nowadays, we're in a day and age of open-mindedness. More and more people, as the days go by and technology becomes much more advanced, are beginning to realize that traditions aren't holding; the original orthodox ways of going about things aren't sticking, and truth be told, they aren't working. College, and more importantly, education in general, is one of these areas of social advancement. Nowadays, people are realizing that the fool-proof "getting your high school diploma and then attending the mandatory four years of college" mold isn't one size fits all after all. Now that people are valuing the creative side of things, like working in the film industry and pursuing artistry, as well as athletics, the idea of college has acquired a certain connotation with it, despite what one's major is. And now, parents have started to specialize their kids from a young age: will my child end up attending college, then med school, and become a doctor, or will my kid end up attending art school?

All of this is fine and good. Arts and athletics are certainly something that should be valued and rewarded for among children, just as much as academics are. However, issues arise when everything starts to blend together. For example, the high school I attended is a strict science charter school, and heavily emphasizes academics and the like. As a result, many students ridicule the school for not offering enough arts and athletics and such; in fact, parents of children who attended the adjoining elementary school accused the school of being "too academic."

See, this is the problem: if you're attending or affiliating yourself with an education or organization that heavily concentrates itself in one area of study, or in a certain specific way, why do you shame the organization for being that way even if you knew it was that way in the first place?

Don't get me wrong, I totally get it. Every school should have offerings in every academic subject; this is a given. But when you attend a science school, especially a school that is renowned for its academics, why are you upset when its focus is, oh what a surprise, academics? I mean, my high school did have arts and athletics for those who craved them, but they weren't the focus because, lo and behold, it was a science school, that did science things!

I'm sorry, but the problem doesn't lie with the school--the problem lies with YOU.

This doesn't just go for schools. This goes for the concept of education in general. When one goes into the world of academia, one has to know that it's not easy. It's very much difficult, and involves a lot of studying. And when you commit yourself to pursuing such a path, you can't just say that you won't do it. You knew about it, you accepted it, and so you must keep on keeping on. That's what I did, and my high school allowed me to do just that by successfully giving me the arduous academics I needed to thrive at a top-twenty university. So why do you jeer at me when I defend such an institution, just because I followed and fully support their methods of education?

Moral of the story: if you don't agree with it, then just leave. There are thousands of educational institutions in the United States. Maybe my high school, or high schools like it, didn't cut it for you. I'm sure there's a school out there that will. But when you mock an education that you don't agree with just because of the way it is, the education is not in the wrong; you are.

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Mom, This One Is For You As I Leave For College

Thanks for being my best friend.

Dear Mom,

it feels like yesterday that we were jumping up and down in the kitchen while tears of joy ran down our faces as the college acceptances started rolling in. You tagged along on my campus tours and wrote the pros and cons while I listed them off as I paced back and forth trying to make the decision of where my home would be the next four years. As six months till move in day has now turned into less than two weeks I just have a few things to say:

First, I'm going to miss you! Yes, I reminded you every couple of days how close we were to move in day and I've said several times that I can't wait to start this new chapter in my life but, I'm a lot sadder than I let on. In the midst of my excitement I have ignored the thought of not being able to see you everyday, being able to sing in the car with you to the songs we know we can kill, eating popcorn while watching Grey's Anatomy on Thursday nights, or even something as simple as sharing a meal with you.

Secondly, I want you to know how much I appreciate you. Mom, I appreciate everything you have done for me thus far in life. I appreciate you dealing with the stressful side of me that came out while dorm shopping, when I know I didn't make it easy. Thank you loving me and encouraging me these past several years that made me into the person I am today. I am grateful for the sacrifices you have made and will probably make in the future with my best interest in mind. I feel so blessed that you are my sunshine on my cloudy days.

Third, I want to apologize in advance. I know there will be times I'm too busy to come home some weekends or even talk for an hour, despite really wanting to. There will be days filled with stress when I don't want you to know about the test I failed earlier that day or about the argument I had my boyfriend or roommate. Don't take any sass or delayed texts to heart, because you know I'll always call you back, I'll always break down and need your direction, and I'll always need to hear your voice.

One last thing, you will always be my best friend. You are the person who I get all of my advice from and the one who can make me laugh when all I want to do is cry. You turn my bad days into great ones. I can't wait to make you proud as I continue my education and start this new chapter in my life but, I hope you know it's all because of you. Your constant love, support, mother-daughter meals, advice, jam sessions in the car, hugs while I've cried and laughs to make me smile have all made me the person I am today. A person proud to be your daughter and a person who's ready to start college. So, mom, this one is for you!

Thank you!

With love,

Your Daughter.

P.S. thank God for FaceTime, am I right?

Cover Image Credit: Hayley Hughes

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22 Things The URI Class Of 2022 Should Know Even Before Their First Class Begins​

I don't want you to embarrass yourself or make the mistakes everyone else has, even though most of you probably will.


I was quite the innocent and confused freshman, not to mention also super embarrassing. Everything I have here is things every URI freshman learns eventually, with much trial and error. I'm blessing you with 22 pieces of essential info you need to know coming into URI.

I don't want you to embarrass yourself or make the mistakes everyone else has, even though most of you will probably make some of those mistakes regardless. I hope you learn something!

1. "Caroline" by Aminé will be played far too many times at parties

2. There are no frat parties at the frat houses, don't look a fool and line up outside of them thinking there's going to be any parties at the beginning of the year

3. Don't smoke in your room, be smart and go somewhere else

4. Go to Hope for good salads and Butt for good nugs and omelets

5. DO NOT SKIP CLASS! You'll be setting yourself up for failure

6. Don't blow your Ram Card money all in one month, be savvy with your spending

7. You'll either love your roommate or hate them, and if the problem can't be solved, Housing can move you out fast AF

8. URI is hella cliquey, it's almost like you never left high school sometimes

9. The second floor of the library is straight up Greek Life and you'll never get work done. SO if you want to get work done, try the first floor if you like noise or the third, which is no noise

10. Football games suck (sorry), basketball games are where it's at so invest in Rhody Ruckus

11. Order On-The-Go or get to Dunks during off-times in the morning, like while everyone is in class, or you'll be stuck in line for an eternity

12. Hillside is overrated, it's got nice lounges but that's really it

13. Avoid the "I don't want a relationship right now but I want you to do relationship things with me anyway" guys and gals. You're worth someone who wants to commit to you and I learned that far too late

14. Don't seclude yourself in your dorm because you have a significant other and want to talk to them 24/7. You'll end up with a very small pool of people willing to chill with you

15. Don't be the roommate who sexiles your other roomate(s) all the time, it's rude and annoying

16. I rushed as a sophomore and I don't regret it, but I highly recommend both guys and girls to do it as freshmen. Be involved as much as you can in your fraternity or sorority and in Greek 101 (which sucks to go to but it's not that bad)

17. Please don't be a disgusting slob in the bathrooms. Your fellow hallmates, not to mention the janitorial staff who work their butts off to clean after you, would really appreciate it

18. University Spirit at the top of campus in the Emporium has super cute URI and Greek Life apparel and it's not as expensive as getting it from the Bookstore

19. They're also adding Insomnia Cookies to the Emporium. You're welcome.

20. Don't stand around in the middle of where people walk in the dining halls, it makes the upperclassmen very triggered

21. Be thankful for freshmen dorms and elevators... next year if you're stuck in the Sophomore Slums, you'll regret saying your dorm sucked

22. GA concert tickets aren't the best, you're honestly better off sitting because you can actually go pee and not worry about losing a spot (go to as many concerts as you can, just saying)

Cover Image Credit:

Briana Gagnon

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