Stop Making Excuses.

Stop Making Excuses And Start Living Up To Your True Potential

Stop making excuses for yourself when things go wrong or you're too lazy to bite the bullet. Excuses don't make you better, they enable you to be worse.

Taylor Caponigro

It's so easy to make excuses for things that don't go according to plan. I didn't go to the grocery store because I was tired. I got a bad grade on a test because I studied too much.

Excuses are the ultimate cop-out to bad behavior.

You can overcome being lazy and tired to certainly go to the grocery store. You got that bad grade on a test because you didn't study enough and had time to study better. Stop making excuses for behavior that can be changed.

Your excuses don't make your actions better instead they enable you to continuously abuse their power.

Be active at the moment. Latch onto new ideas and go for them. Wake up in the morning with purpose and achieve the daily tasks you set out for yourself to accomplish. Stop pushing the hard workout till tomorrow. Stop saying you're going to start eating better. The best time to do anything is now because the more excuses you allow yourself to make, the less chance you have of achieving what you want.

Not all the things you want are going to be easy, but making excuses is. Fight the urge to make them. If you live life without excuses and own up to who you are and set out to achieve your goals, the life you live will feel much more powerful. You feel pride in yourself. Get those heavy burdens off your shoulder by getting tasks done fast. Pushing them off only leaves for a longer feeling of failure and no one likes to feel like they failed.

Don't let excuses define who you are.

Define them by not making any. Plan a time to go to the grocery store and then get up and go. Plan out your week and set aside time each day to study for the hard test. Don't let excuses build into a person who crams the night before. Because when you stop making excuses for who you are and how you act, you might just become the greatest version of yourself. The person you have aspired to be more like all along.

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