Yorkies are the Dogs You Didn’t Know You Needed
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Stop Labeling Yorkies as Vicious Dogs

Just like every breed, there are good and bad and here is why they are good!

Stop Labeling Yorkies as Vicious Dogs

I am blessed with six months old and an eleven-week old Yorkies. They are my world and everyone should know that they are not horrible dogs.

1. They look like teddy bears

Renleigh the eleven week old

personal photo

2. They always look good in little bows 

Ella eating doggie ice cream from a local ice cream shop

personal Photo

3. They are hypoallergenic 

Renleigh in a T-shirt

Personal Photo

When people are allergic to dogs it's because of their dander. With shorter dogs that do not shed, like Yorkies, they are typically dog allergy-friendly!

4. They are excellent watch dogs

Bentleigh, Renleigh and Ella

Personal Photo

They may not be capable of knocking down a home intrude but with their keen sense of hearing and loud bark, they will surely you let you know if their is a stranger or something they don’t like, even if it is a leaf.

5. They are low maintenance

Sometimes puppies fall asleep anywhere... even if it is on your purse.

while this doesn't mean they don't need exercise and love, they do not need to go for walks every day for their physical and mental health. Their tiny stomachs allow for food to last a good time since they can't eat a lot. So you can save money!

6. They are small and cuddly

Renleigh loves protecting all her toys especially from Ella

Personal Photo

Yorkies are a perfect size. You don't have to worry about a 100lb dog jumping onto your chest. They can lay right on your chest or stomach and are perfect for snuggling against you in the cold.

No matter your stances on Yorkies or dogs I think we can all agree that my two Yorkie puppies are adorable.

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