Nobody Needs 'Play-Length Shorts,' Abercrombie, We Just Need Shorts

Nobody Needs 'Play-Length Shorts,' Abercrombie, We Just Need Shorts

We all should just have shorts that are comfortable and fun to wear.

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Whether you enjoy or resent shopping, I think we can all agree there is nothing like that "aha" moment in the store or online shopping when you find that perfect dress, to die for shoes, awesome shorts or anything you just love. Those moments are rare but are amazing. They're moments that everybody should, regardless of their age.

Most stores have a girl and boy section. Makes sense because males and females have different bodies. However, boys and girls have similar bodies under the age of 12. So that is why I was surprised when a classmate of mine who went shopping the other day at Abercrombie told me how they design and promote shorts for girls and boys.

You see, for the girls, they have regular shorts which are extremely short. It's a trend that other stores also follow. However, they have another design of shorts that are "play-length" for girls. I went on the website to see this for myself and its true. Plus, for boys, they only have one style of shorts for boys. They don't have play-length. So what's up with this double standard?

Why are mainstream stores like Abercrombie designing shorts that barely cover anything for girls as young as SIX years old? Why do they design play-length shorts for girls? Why do boys not have play-length shorts?

I find it disheartening that just when I feel the world is right, and that we are progressing as a society and girls are being encouraged; things like this happen.

Abercrombie needs to stop with these double standards. Although the length of shorts may not seem like a big deal, it is because of the future impact it will have. Let kids be kids. Stop assigning labels to them. Abercrombie, stop trying to put kids in a box based on gender. Instead, try to be innovative and practical.

We all should just have shorts that are comfortable and fun to wear.

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