Stop Judging Students for Being Stressed

Stop Judging Students for Being Stressed

Just because we're young doesn't mean we have it easy


Now that we've hit the midterm slump, the end of the semester is rearing its ugly head. Final papers, projects, and exams are slowly being added to the conversation, and we're not sure where to begin. The phrase "when it rains, it pours" comes into mind considering everything is always due in the same week.

Most of my friends and classmates need coffee in an IV form. We're snippy, tired, and trying to see the light at the end of the tunnel. So when someone who isn't a college student asks, "why are you so tired?" or "how can you be that stressed?," it's pretty easy.

Being stressed isn't an excuse for being a jerk, but it explains a lot. Everyone is sick. Everyone is tired. It doesn't help when someone constantly reminds us that this is supposed to be the best part of our lives, because while it can be fun, it's really, really hard.

It gets challenging half way through once you realize how many projects have been pushed back to read novels, write short papers, or work on homework for gen eds. It's hard when sometimes you just want to talk and laugh with your friends instead of reading or studying Spanish. We're trying to have fun, but everyone thinks college is only about keeping up that GPA.

So let us wear our sweatpants and not wash our hair for a few days. Let us drink our coffee and take an extra long nap since we've been up studying the last 3 nights. Stop telling me that I'm not allowed to be stressed out because I'm only 20.

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