Stop Hating On Taylor Swift

There seems to be only two extremes when it comes to Taylor Swift.

It's either "OMG I love her!" or, the polar opposite "I hate her."

I'm not too sure why it has to be this way. Unfortunately, this is why we can't have nice things.

Taylor Swift's seventh and most recent album, "Lover", was released on August 23rd. She has, yet again, left me impressed.

In 18 songs, Taylor "celebrates love and all its chaos". And she couldn't have done a better job.

To start, let's talk about "ME!" To be completely honest, the first time I heard this song I was worried. Taylor had yet to let me down, but like ususal, it grew on me. And though it will never be my favorite song, I just can't seem to skip it. Ironically, this song has nothing to do with the rest of her album, according to the Rolling Stone.

One thing I love about Taylor Swift is that she doesn't forget her roots. There is always a song on her newer, more mature albums that remind me of her old self. On this album, "Cornela Street" weirdly reminds of "Style" from her 1989 album. In this album, she talks about how the apartment she has on Cornelia Street will forever remind her of the love she shares with her lover. Definitely relatable in a sense where getting over relationships can be difficult when things constantly remind you of that person.

I don't intend on going over each song in this album (considering there's 18) but I'm basically addressing the trends (and my favorites) in the way Taylor creates her music. Next. "Paper Rings." This song is so accurate in the way lust and love can get confused. Honeymoon phase vs. knitty gritty of relationships. Sometimes when you're soooo in love (or lust) you forget the things that matter. This song also addresses the madness and chaos of love. "I like shiney things but I'd marry you with paper rings." Seems like strong lust to me.

One last song I need to talk about is "Afterglow". This song is about owning up when you know you've f**cked up. Let's face it. It's not always the guys' fault that things don't work out. In this, Taylor is owning that fact that she ruined what they had, but it wasn't what she intended. And she wishes to make it better, asking them to meet her in the "Afterglow".

Whether you're on either end of the Taylor Swift spectrum, it doesn't matter. But if you're on the better end (we all know what I mean) this album is a pure blessing.

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