I find this very funny because people talk about not being hateful towards others, but yet it is everywhere.

If a women comes out and says they want to be a stay at home mom and not work, she gets hated on for not going out and working because it is "unrealistic." However, they never ask why she would want to stay at home and people just assume its because she doesn't want to work.

If a women wants to have an abortion, she gets judged for not wanting to have the child. No one ever asks why she did it. Maybe because she didn't want to have a toddler and a new born at the same time, maybe for medical reasons, or maybe because she isn't financially ready.

If a women decides to breast feed her child and for how long people judge on that (usually other moms shaming others). Again not asking why the mother decided not to beast feed or stop at a year compared to stopping when the child is ready.

If a girl/women doesn't want to go into a STEM job she gets judged because she isn't taking advantage of the opportunities that are available to her. Does anyone ever stop to think that maybe she isn't interested in doing a STEM job?

If a guy shows emotion, he is seen as weak.

If a guy likes to do "feminine" activities, they are seen as doing a "women's job" and let me say this: I know many guys who can cook really, really well, and clean better than some women. It doesn't mean that they are doing a "women's job" — it means they were taught to do more than just the stereotypical "mans job" and they were actually taught how to care for the inside of the house and not live in a mess and actually cook real meals.

If a guy wants to stay home with his kids he is looked down on because it isn't the social norm.

Why do people talk so much about supporting each other and yet turn around and do the complete opposite?

Can we stop judging others with how they live their personal lives, which will in no way affect your life in anyway?