It's 2018 people; stop fat-shaming and love each other.

If I have learned anything in my 22 years of being on this earth, it is that we should love and care for one another. I have tried my best in my every day life to not judge others. I do slip sometimes, again, I'm human, but I try to make up for that by getting to know that person and their situation before making any more assumptions about them. As should you.

I am a chunky girl; I always have been. I grew up in a family that made sure that I ate every piece of food off of my plate before I got up. They taught me bad eating and exercise habits such as eating to fill a void. My aunt always had a saying growing up, "If you're hungry or want something, eat it. It's bad to limit yourself and be hungry". While I now know that's not the truth, it set me up for years worth of bullying and self-confidence issues.

After being on my own, I have started to eat healthier. I drink more water, have cut out almost all junk food and go to the gym six times a week with one day off. I have been working on making myself healthy, not skinny. However, just by looking at me, you may be inclined to call me fat and lazy. This is the problem.

I see this literally daily. I hear people call me a fat-ass, say that if others would just lose a little bit of weight they would be pretty and so many more god-awful things. If I wanted to live my life at 400 pounds, which I don't by the way, then it's not your place to tell me thats a bad choice. If I wanted to eat two slices of pizza at the party instead of just one, who said you could give me a look and hold out my name in a long sigh of dissapointment. I don't judge you when you sleep with eight different men in one week do I?

Listen, all i'm saying is, keep to your own business and love me or whoever else is in your life for who they are and not what their habits are. I'm not saying that eating or living that lifestyle is something I encourage others to pursue, it's the fact that I shouldn't have to say anything at all to them. It's their lives, not mine. You don't know someone's story. They may be battling some serious diseases that limit their ability to do activities or they may have genetics that make it extremely hard to lose weight, no matter how hard they try.

To all my thick and thin guys, gals, and non-binary pals, please don't listen to the haters. You are beautiful, kind, wonderful and deserved to be loved through any stage of your life. You are worth it and I will never judge you.