Stop Comparing Joana Ceddia and Emma Chamberlain
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Stop Comparing Joana Ceddia And Emma Chamberlain

Not all relatable YouTubers are copying off of each other.

Stop Comparing Joana Ceddia And Emma Chamberlain


On June 28, 2018, Joana Ceddia posted her first video to YouTube and slowly gained a following until one day, she went from a few hundred to a few thousand, to over 2 million subscribers. She grew insanely quickly due to her insanely relatable content. Having "relatable content" on YouTube has gained many other YouTubers fame as well, most notably Emma Chamberlain, who started her channel back in June 2017 and quickly blew up about one year later.

Since Emma Chamberlain started her YouTube channel before Joana did, people are very quick to assume that just because they both have "relatable content" and use similar editing techniques (awkward crops, boo-ing/applaud sound effects, etc.), that automatically means that they are copying each other, or that Joana is simply trying to be like Emma. This is so far from the truth.

Joana emphasized in one of her videos all of the things that she and Emma do not have in common (see: Waxing and Ranting: the sequel), and I agree that all of those things make the two very different from each other, however, there is so much more than just that.

Joana is very artsy and (from what I get from watching all of her videos) seems a bit quieter and more reserved than Emma. Emma is very high energy most of her YouTube videos and makes great content. Joana makes DIY's that you don't follow but watch anyway because it's good content. All in all, while their editing styles are similar, their overall content is extremely different from each other, and they are each great in their own unique ways.

Whenever I go on one of their videos and go through the comments, I always seem to see the same ones appear: "Joana is the new Emma," "Joana is copying off of Emma," "Joana is only famous because of Emma," "Emma is about to get outshined by Joana," etc. It's honestly so annoying and immature of the fans to do on both sides.

Emma and Joana are each their own individual people. They aren't each other, they aren't trying to copy off of one another, they are not the same person whatsoever. This style of content is not original at all. It has been used for years now; it's only just become incredibly popular within the past few years.

There are many YouTubers out there who make similar content to each other and they make videos within the same category as each other, but that doesn't mean they're copying off of each other, right? That's exactly what people are doing to these two. Comparing these two is like trying to compare different family channels or MUA channels to each other and saying that they're impersonating each other solely because of the fact that they make videos that have similar content, and that ain't it.

What's the lesson behind this article, then? Not every YouTuber who makes "relatable content" is trying to be an Emma Chamberlain impersonator. Each person makes their own, original content that people enjoy, and if they gather the same fans, then great. If they gather different groups of people, that's just as great. Just because two people make similar content, it does not mean that they are trying to copy each other.

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