"I'm a mess."

"I need to get my shit together."

"I'm all over the place."

Are just some of the many phrases I hear people use every day. We live in a world that is driven by perfection and the fear to fail. We live in a world where the constant fear of making a mistake outweighs having fun and living your life. We have become fearful of being human. Become fearful of making mistakes. We have become fearful of living life. Are any of us truly happy?

We spend every day making sure that we are doing what we are expected to do. When one thing doesn't go our way we sit around and focus on our imperfections. When we don't strive or succeeded at something in the perfect way we think of ourselves as a mess. As a failure.

We go on social media, we walk to class, even the person in line at Starbucks, we compare ourselves to them. We see these seemingly perfect lives and wonder why we don't have it all together. We think we are a complete and utter mess just because we don't have every aspect of our lives in perfect order.

One missed assignment, one bad grade, forgetting to paint your nails, forgetting to do your dishes, all of these things add up in our heads to make us feel like we are a failure. That being imperfect is a crime.

You can try all you want but you will never be perfect. Why not embrace the craziness of your life? Embrace who you are. Be happy. Just live. Stop thriving to be perfect, strive to be imperfect. Be happy with yourself no matter the issues. Be happy with yourself even if you haven't made your bed in a week. Look at yourself in the mirror even though you are wearing the same sweatshirt three days in a row and can't remember the last time you washed your hair. Look at the reflection in the mirror and smile. You are amazing.

You are perfectly and beautifully you. You are not a mess. You are not a failure. The only time you ever really fail in life is when you are too scared to live it. Be yourself. Do everything that makes you happy. Stop worrying and just live.

Be unapologetically imperfect and show the world who you are. Make this world your stage and dance until you can't dance anymore. Love yourself and love the imperfect life that you live.