As my senior year is underway, I look back at the times I've been in college where I wish I could've done better. Growing up comes at the cost of making mistakes and learning from them. There are so many things I wish I would've known before I even entered college. That'll take too long. So, these will have to suffice.

1. Friends

Make as many friends as you can in your first year, you will see them again and again until you graduate.

2. Campus bookstore

Do not buy books from the bookstore. Find other places: Facebook pages dedicated for books, Craigslist, or place ads where campus allows. You'll save TONS.

3. Textbook timing

Do not buy books until they are needed. I have bought one too many books that were of no use during the semester.

4. Asking questions

Ask questions in class no matter how dumb. In fact, what I realized is, the dumber the question, the more people are also wondering about the answer.

5. Excuses

Do not make excuses. Don't blame the teacher for poor grades, don't blame your friends for not finishing your homework, and don't blame the short due date for incomplete assignments.

6. Take leadership

Group projects! Finding the person who will take charge isn't good. TAKE CHARGE INSTEAD. Your grade relies on your portion of hard work.

7. Learning how to fail

DO NOT give up after failing the first assignment/quiz/midterm/exam. It's not over until it's over.

8. Prioritizing your education

College is about studying and getting good grades. That's your primary objective and everything else should come second. Parties, friends, hanging out, club meetings, getting drunk, gym activities… all come after you do your share of being a good student.

9. Hard work pays off

Good grades give you an excuse to treat yourself. You've earned it.

10.  GPA is essential, yet not enough

GPA is of UTMOST importance. However, by itself, GPA is not enough anymore. Along with GPA, you need experience in your field that requires problem-solving. Education is only a tool needed to help with the execution.