There's nothing more exciting than waking up Christmas morning and seeing what Santa left under the tree. However, I've always loved what's left in the stocking more. I love getting cute, small little trinkets that just make a person smile! If you're stumped what to put in your girlfriend's, sister's, or mother's stocking this year, then keep reading!

1. Beauty Blender

Beauty Blender on Instagram

Any makeup guru will love this magical sponge in their stocking this Christmas! The little egg-shaped sponge is perfect for applying foundation or blending concealer!

2. Fuzzy Socks

catalina__iuliana on Instagram

For most people the holidays also means, cold weather. What better way to keep your feet nice and toasty than a cute pair of fuzzy socks!

3. Mascara

toofaced on Instagram

My mom used to always put mascara in my stocking and I always loved waking up Christmas morning to see what new tube she’d get my sister and I to try. It’s something people forget to replace frequently and is a great stocking stuffer for any makeup wearer.

4. Bath Bomb

lushcosmetics on Instagram

Walking into Lush just brings a smile to my face. There’s nothing like the calmness of a pretty, good-smelling, luscious bath bomb.

5. Candle

bathandbodyworks on Instagram

Who doesn’t love their room smelling like cinnamon spice? A scented candle is perfect for keeping your room smelling fresh and in the holiday spirit!

6. Lotion

bathandbodyworks on Instagram

Lotion is a must for every girl. It’s so easy to get dry skin in the winter, so ensure smooth, silky skin with a great bottle of lotion.

7. Phone case

OuterBox on Instagram

Phone cases have become such an accessory. Getting cute new phone cases can be a great way to match different looks.

8. Earrings

baublebar on Instagram

Earring are a great way to add some extra spark to any outfit. Weather it’s long dangles, or simple studs, earrings can add sparkle or a pop of color!

9. Scarf

alexis.belbel on Instagram

Scarves serve as a style accessory, and keep you warm! A scarf is a perfect stocking stuffer and used by every girl.

10. Wallet

shopatbanananina on Instagram

A nice, new wallet is a great accessory every girl uses. Getting a new one can spice up your money keepings!

11. Coffee mug

thefreckledgoose on Instagram

Nothing beats sitting around the Christmas tree and drinking a nice cup of hot chocolate! Getting a cute new holiday mug is perfect find in your stocking Christmas morning.

12. Body spray

makyajtelasi on Instagram

Smelling good is ESSENTIAL!! Body spray won’t go to waste and will ensure you won’t be the stinky relative and Christmas dinner!

13. Macarons

kelseyelizabethcakes on Instagram

A classy, French dessert for all to enjoy! A sweet treat for you to enjoy while opening presents Christmas morning.

14. Scrunchies

meroochiescrunchies on Instagram

Bringing back an 80’s favorite, scrunchies are soft and a great tool to pull back your hair. Coming in an array of colors, many choices are available to choose which scrunchie you want to add to your look.

15. Tweezers

cultbeauty on Instagram

Every girl needs a good pair of tweezers. This small gesture will go a long way!

16. Gift cards

You can never go wrong with gift cards to anywhere! This kind gesture allows for picking out whatever you may want.

17. Fairy lights

collegedormideas on Instagram

Need some extra shine in your room? Fairy lights are a perfect way to brighten up your room and add some extra sparkle

18. Nail polish

opi_products on Instagram

A simple way to change your look is changing your nail color. Adding a bright red is perfect for the holidays!

19. Tote

jasmen_collection on Instagram

A large tote can always be used! Whether you’re going to and from work or class, a simple tote can be essential for carrying your belongings.

20. Book

bookwormboutique on InstagramNothing like a read a good book while sitting by the fire. Any avid reader will love a new read to try while enjoying some time off during vacation.

21. Journal

sunflowerofmoonlightspirit on Instagram

New year, new me! A journal is a perfect gift to start tracking New Years resolutions, or just simply reflect on life.