First off...hi!! I miss you all! Like a lot…! I wish I was still in Florida making magic with you instead of working on homework in the bitter cold of Illinois.  

    I have a few things to say and hopefully a bit of advice to your Disney College Program comes to an end, I hope you still have the magic in your heart. I hope you still love what you’re doing and the people you're surrounded with. I know it’s been a long time now that you’ve been in Florida (almost a year!) and maybe you are really starting to miss home and your family. The holidays are upon us and I know it can be tough to spend it away from the people you love. BUT! Don’t wish these last few months away!!!  

    From someone who had to come back home to reality, you WILL miss it when you leave. No matter how much you miss your family, or how annoying the guests were yesterday, or even how tired I’m sure you are right now. It’s gonna be hard when you go home.  

    Life isn’t the same after the DCP. It’s something you’ll think about every day when it’s over. You’ll wish you hadn’t slept in that day when a friend invited you to go ride Big Thunder before work. And you’ll regret not spending the money to see Hoop Dee Doo while you still had the option to see it. The memories of your program will be all you want to talk about, and the truth is, most people won’t really want to hear them.. sure, your family and close friends will want to know what it was like, but no one can really understand unless they lived through it.  

    So cherish the time you have left with your Disney family. Don’t take it for granted. Don’t rush towards the end. And enjoy every bit of it!! Make magic. Make memories. And never forget that you get to be part of something bigger than yourself!   

                           Love, your pal Allison