If You've Ever Been Called 'Still A Kid' For Loving Disney, Read This

If You've Ever Been Called 'Still A Kid' For Loving Disney, This One's For You

Do not listen to them, be yourself and love Disney.


Throughout my life, there have been countless times that many people have called me "a kid" for loving Disney. For those who are in this similar situation of being called "a kid" still for the reason of loving Disney, I will tell you, do not listen to them, be yourself and love Disney.

When I was young, Disney became a basis for my dreams and goals that I want to achieve. In other words, Disney is a big inspiration to me in my childhood and it still is now.

Loving Disney demonstrates that you still hold on to dreams and goals which is great. A human being should have dreams and goals. You should not be called immature or "still a kid" for having dreams and goals. Disney, for me, is a big motivation for me to continue to work hard for my dreams and goals.

Moreover, loving Disney also shows that you still have imagination and creativity. For me, when I was a child, I have lots of daydreams about stories and scenarios. This is a fun time for me to spark my imagination and creativity. Not only just imagination and creativity, but loving Disney also shows some originality from one's mind of imagination. This helps a lot for storytelling.

Loving Disney also shows that you have a happy side. You enjoy and admire the things of Disney such as the happily ever after endings, dreams come true messages, and etc. Another way to see from a person who loves Disney is that the person enjoys the things that bring hope and the person still holds on to hopes and dreams.

Therefore, do not be upset whenever someone who calls you "a kid" or not being able to grow up because of loving Disney. The people who call you "a kid" have no idea what value that Disney holds for many people. Probably the people who call you that have already let go of their hopes, dreams, and imagination. From another perspective, growing up becomes harder for those who have hopes, dreams, and imagination and many people tend to let go of them which makes them go through adulthood insipidly.

However, from looking at those who still go through adulthood and love Disney by working hard for their dreams and goals have been strong against reality, which allows them to handle and cope through adulthood maturely than those who live through adulthood insipidly.

Also, I have been told that Disney is for everyone of all ages. So go ahead and love Disney as much as you can!

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