Still Can't Decide Who To Vote For?
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Still Can't Decide Who To Vote For?

Here are the alternatives to Trump and Clinton

Still Can't Decide Who To Vote For?
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If you're like many other people in this country, you're fed up with hearing about this election and counting down the days until it's over. There are also a lot of people who aren't really fans of either of the candidates that we have. But even though chances are after Tuesday either Trump or Clinton will be our president-elect, it's important to keep in mind that there are other options that people might not know about. So if you're standing in the election booth on Tuesday feeling sick about voting for either one, here is a bit of information on the other choices that you can either choose or write in.

1. Gary Johnson

Probably the most well known option behind Trump and Clinton, he is the Libertarian Party's nominee. He is also the only one who is on the ballot in all 50 states. He has been described as socially liberal and fiscally conservative. His political positions include support for the legalization of marijuana, reducing taxes, reducing the military budget, supports same sex marriage, and opposes gun control. Generally he agrees with a hands off government and lots of liberties for people.

2. Jill Stein

This candidate is on the ballot in 44 states with write-in capabilities for 3 more, and is the Green Party's nominee. She supports free higher education, cutting the military budget, promotes citizenship for immigrants, proposes that the US transitions to 100% renewable energy, and medicare for all. She has proposed a Green New Deal, referring to Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal.

3. Darrell Castle

Castle is on the ballot in about half the states and a write-in for most of the other ones (he is a write-in for NY). He is the candidate for the Constitution party and has described himself as a libertarian. Castle is pro-life, opposes the war on drugs, favors securing the borders, believes Muslims should be banned, favors ending the federal reserve, supports leaving the United Nations and NATO, and believes the government should stay out of the affairs of consenting adults (through gambling, prostitution, etc.).

4. Evan McMullin

McMullin is a candidate running under an independent ticket, though h was previously Republican, he considers himself to be the conservative alternative to Trump. He describes himself as pro-life, supports free trade, favors cuts to entitlement programs, supports border security, believes in climate change, and supports reducing taxes.

Though based on our current two party system, it is highly unlikely to nearly impossible that any of these candidates will be elected. But it is also important that voters understand all the options they have and choose the person that best fits their beliefs.

So if you end up in the booth on election day and can't bring yourself to vote for either of the main two candidates, at least you will have an idea of what the other alternatives stand for.

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