What To Do During The 'Steven Universe' Hiatus
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What To Do During The 'Steven Universe' Hiatus

Creative activities to pass the time.

What To Do During The 'Steven Universe' Hiatus

The "Steven Universe" writers announced that they'll be on a winter hiatus after the October 15 release of "Too Far" until 2016. According to the "Steven Universe" tumblr, "Steven Universe" will be back in January 2016! I didn't know that, however, and so as a sob story I waited and waited for the next episode to come out every Thursday. Things started to die down and I haven't heard a peep about it. October went to November and then December, and now it just came to me on how much I miss it. The show seemed to like fall off the face of the planet. I should be use to it though since "Steven Universe" has had a lot of hiatuses, it seems, but it's just the waiting and not knowing when it will air again that drives my anticipation. Next month? In two to three months?

As we battle out the wait, just think of the awesome surprises and new songs that be coming our way! I thought that making a list on what to do during the time could be helpful and a great way to keep the fangirl alive inside.

1.Watch "Adventure Time"

The creator of "Steven Universe" (Rebecca Sugar) is actually a writer for "Adventure Time" which also airs on Cartoon Network. Rebecca Sugar is a genius and visionary when it comes to music and storytelling. "Adventure Time" is currently on season seven and is just as awesome as "Steven Universe." They are both creative, magical, and full of adventure.

They're also quite similar when it comes to music, humor, and philosophical, deep episodes. As a reminder, both shows are not just for kids!

2.Write fanfiction / read fanfiction

Connie wrote her own fanfiction actually in one the episodes, "Fanfiction." A great source to write and read fan fiction would be www.fanfiction.net. Let me tell you now that there are stories on that website that could be New York Times Best Sellers, just saying.

3. Go through fanart

Tumblr is a great place to scroll through tags and see artwork inspired by the show. If you do happen to share an art remember to add the artist name to it.

Here's one that I like done by "castaguer93" on Deviantart

The artworks I have seen are very badass and entertaining to look at. You can find a variety of fan art on Tumblr and Deviantart.

4. Listen to the soundtrack

The songs in "Steven Universe" are pretty rad and not to mention catchy! You could jam, cry, and sing your way in reminisce.

Rebecca Sugar also creates her own music, so you should definitely check her out. You can find songs on YouTube, SoundCloud, or fan-made playlists on 8tracks.

5. Learn the songs on an instrument

Steven's core instrument is the ukulele. The Crystal Gems theme song actually came from season one pilot when Steven played the ukulele for the Gems. There are tutorials on YouTube where you can watch how to play the ukulele and learn the cords of the songs. Would could be better than rockin' the uke during the show opening and singing along?

Besides a ukulele any instrument could make a great cover from the songs in "Steven Universe."

6. Buy merchandise

From stickers to posters to mugs to plushies, you can find and buy items based from the show from either retail or online. Some people even make "Steven Universe" merch themselves! I tend to at least aim to buy one item from a show I enjoy. Popular stores would be Hot Topic, Amazon, Etsy and the Cartoon Network shop.

7.Re-watch season one

Maybe you missed a small detail or you want to replay your favorite song, no matter the reason re-watching season one is great way to remind yourself about why you are watching the show or why you are obsessing over a certain character.

8.Visit a crystal shop

If you haven't noticed yet, the crystal gems are named after real crystals and gemstones. You can collect all the crystals featured in the show! Crystals are beautiful to wear as necklaces, rings, and earrings. You could also buy for metaphysical purposes and practices. You can get them as small to carry in your pockets or as big to sit on a table by itself! Crystals are all-around great findings and specimens to have and store for beauty and care. You could find them at your local metaphysical and rock store.

9. Learn the dance moves

The dancing in "Steven Universe" is really something, especially when it comes to gem fusion. Pearl is known for her ballet but there are all kinds of moves to try and work up to learn.

It's also a great for exercising.

10. Play the Browser games

Entertainment like this is another way to pass the time. You can find the games on cartoonnetwork.com. If you're feeling creative you can also make your own game for others to play.

11. Work out and be as strong as Garnet

Nothing like sweating and getting in shape to save the world. Although you may not be as likely to save the world from Homeworld Gems you could still stay healthy and move your body to become stronger physically, mentally, and emotionally. Warning: Don't over work yourself to be on Garnet's level. She'll always be stronger than you. But still have fun!

12. Make your own costume

You may be thinking that Halloween is the only day to dress up but you're wrong. You could dress up anytime and anywhere as your favorite characters in the show. That, my friends, is called cosplaying.

You can buy a costume, but most people create their own using various materials. Check out some of the cosplays and work out what you can. Cosplaying is fun and a great experience to try to fuel creativity and originality.

13. Learn how to draw the characters

The last time I checked, I'm not a professional animator, and I am definitely not beyond the level of drawing stick people. If you want a chance to explore recreating your favorite characters then try tutorials by other artists to help. If you are already an artist then you can practice your skills and build experience in different routes.

So, with these activities in mind I hope you'll be more ready and equipped as you return to the show with the enthusiasm and appreciation that you expressed in the arts.

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