how to plan the best 21st birthday

We all have that one young friend in the group or sibling, that is coming up to 21 years old. These are some of the best tips and ideas that I did to make their birthdays feel special and f'ing fun!

1. Make sure there is a theme

Sabrina Wood

Every 21st birthday needs a theme! Whether that be alcohol, wigs, scavenger hunt, or even alcohol golf. For my friends 21st I created a scavenger hunt that would make each person that was attending have to do something at the bar for the most points. Whoever had the most points would then win! Just make it fun and easy to follow!

2. Invite the people who CARE about the birthday person!

Sabrina Wood

You don't want the birthday girl/boy to be upset that there are too many people at their party that they don't know; or even people that they really wanted there! No matter how much you like, or dislike, the people you're inviting make sure the person you are planning the birthday party around is okay with the list!

3. Make some things a surprise

Sabrina Wood

I LOVE surprises, to be completely honest. And when you're doing a 21st birthday you want the person to have a little something to get their adrenaline up and running. The most popular surprise everyone takes part in is "icing" someone. If you're not into hiding Smirnoff Ices around the house then have a plan to go to different places around town that your friend might appreciate!

4. Be the hype girl/guy

Because you were one of the people that were helping plan the party it should mean that you should always hype up the birthday person! Give them a good chant when they are having fun! dance with them, chug with them and just be a supportive friend. Make sure they are having as much fun as you are!

5. Make sure to pregame!

You want the birthday person to have fun out at the bars but when it is their birthday you never let them buy their own drinks! This is why pregaming is the best! it saves you money so you don't have to spend all your cash at the bars and it helps your friends because they're all drinking still.

6. Always take pictures

Sabrina Wood

You need to have those memories on your phone or computer to remember the times you had with your friends. When I helped plan a 21st birthday party we did a scavenger hunt so you had to take pictures for proof that you did the task! You can then send your birthday friend the pictures the next morning to recollect their memory.

7. Never tell the birthday person what to do

YOU NEVER WANT TO UPSET THE BIRTHDAY PERSON!! I repeat... NEVER. So, let them have a great night; whether if there preferred birthday is a quiet night in or getting as drunk as possible don't disagree or tell them what to do.

8. It's their party they can cry/as drunk as they want to

Sabrina Wood

When adding to the information above, you don't want to tell the birthday person what to do because it could come off as rude. This could result in violence or ugly crying. You want to make sure that they are having a blast, especially since you took so much time to make it special for them.

9. Bring them drunchies

Just do it. You have to support your local hungry stomach, especially if they're drunk. If they don't want them the night of then make sure you bring them to brunch the next morning to have food and grab a mimosa, or as people call it, "the hair of the dog".

10. Start preparing for the next birthday

After this fun time, you had prepared you can either plan the next 21st for the new friend or have the de-virginized 21-year-old help you out with it. Happy preparation and cheers to the rest of your drunkin' life!

I hope that these quick tips will help you and your friends have a good night out. You know how to plan a birthday party because your friends, hopefully, gave you a great one! To make the night worth it always be in a good mood so the people around you feel that energy you're giving off. So, pass on the fun and get drunk while also creating new memories.

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