The 9 Steps Of Binge Watching

"Binge Watching" is described as watching a television series for a long time at once. Binge watching is referred to by Netflix, by watching anywhere from 2-6 episodes of a show in one sitting, however, the professional binge watchers can watch much more than that in a sitting and throughout their day. Accounts like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video and many others are large contributors to the binge-watching phenomenon. Here are some things you need and can do to prepare yourself to binge watch and actually commit to it.

1. You will need an account setup with any program such as Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Video to even begin the binge watching process.

2. You will then need to decide what television show you want to start, because usually once you start there's no going back. (Grey's Anatomy is always a good choice)

3. You will then need to have time to binge watch, hopefully without it interrupting your daily lives. (Usually hard to prevent) So some good times to binge watch are at night, on weekends, or if you are a student during breaks.

4. You then watch the first episode and think you are not going to get addicted, however, that is usually incorrect. So you go from watching one episode a week to two episodes and so forth.

5. It is important during binge watching sessions that you stay hydrated and eat properly, so always have snacks and water nearby or in the next room for that 15 second period in between each Netflix episode.

6. Once you start having a binge-watching session every single day, it is clear to say that you have officially become part of the "Netflix addicts" squad that so many people get stuck in.

7. You are now in a committed relationship with Netflix. Can anyone say addicted?

8. Finally, once you have successfully binge watched all 200+ episodes of "Grey's Anatomy" in a month (We've all done it, don't judge!) you reach the sad reality...what do you do with your life now?

9. Then you realize "I'll just start another series!!" Then the cycle starts all over again!

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