Steps After the Georgia Primary

Steps After the Georgia Primary

Countdown... Round two has begun

The Steps After the Georgia Primary:

The Georgia Primary was on May 22nd and the results are in. Phase one of the 2018 Midterm elections are over, unless you have a runoff you are following. Keep these things in mind and ride the wave to the polls in November!

1) July 24th – Runoff Election

Mark your calendar if you are voting in the runoff election. There is round two for the Republican Primary between Casey Cagle and Brian Kemp for Governor. As well as for Lieutenant Governor for the Republicans between David Shafer and Geoff Duncan. Check your district and see if there are any other runoffs you need to be paying attention too.

2) All the time in between

Use this time to get involved with local elections or volunteer for the state-wide campaigns. If you are not sure how to get involved find the candidates on Facebook and reach out to them. Any body that made it through round one is buckling down for the rest of the race and they need you. At this point, local political parties are able to endorse candidates so pay attention. A candidate you are interested in following is traveling and speaking at different events. You have the opportunity to meet them so take advantage of this.

3) Register to Vote: by October 9th

CAN YOU HEAR ME? If you were unable to vote in the primary because you didn’t register in time you have another shot. AND it is free. No excuses people. October 9th is the date you must register by (if you are not already registered) so that you can vote in November.

4) November 10th - Midterm Election Day

This is the big day. Know who you are voting for before you go by checking the ballot online and don’t miss. But that is the last day you can vote. MEANING that you can vote early. Crazy right?

Tune in to what is going on around you!

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